Wet panties

I am a sixteen year old girl, and sometimes I have accidents in my panties , this is so embarrassing to admit. I still wet my panties, last week I was found out by my mom after I had wet them then changed and put my wet ones in the laundry basket only for her to empty it for washing. She confronted me about it but I didn’t want to admit to wetting myself.
The following day I wet my panties coming home from school, she was home and noticed the wet patch on the back of my skirt, she told me sternly to go up to the bathroom and undress, she came into the bathroom with a large plastic bag she started to run a bath as she told me to finish getting undressed. I felt embarrassed as she has not seen me naked for over six years and as I stood in just my wet panties and my bra I told her i could bath myself. She gave me the look I usually get when she means business telling me she was going to sort out my little problem it there was something else to sort out first. Embarrassed I took off my bra, she held her hand out for it then said “ now let’s have those wet knickers off you “ I blushed and felt so humiliated as she slipped her fingers into the waistband and pushed them down for me to step out of them. A couple of months previously I had started to reduce my bikini line and trim my pubic hair after a sleepover with a girlfriend. Mom smiled and said “ oh I see you are keeping your bikini line tidy are you? I blushed as I said yes, she then started to fill the washbasin with water as she told me little girls who couldn’t keep their panties dry couldn’t possibly keep any pubic hair if they were in nappies and pull ups. My face burned with humiliation as she took her lady razor down and dads shaving cream then she ordered me to put my hands on my head, spread my legs and stand perfectly still, I tried to reason with her begging her “ lease mom noooo don’t do this “ she looked at me and asked if I wanted to feel her hand on my bare bottom adding it had been a long time since I had had a sore bottom and I wasn’t to old for one now. I stood still with my hands behind my head as she went to work on shaving me running her fingers over my bare skin touching me so intimately she told me to turn and bend over, I flinched as she coated me between my legs then held the lips of my l**** taught as she fan the razor over them and as she sank her finger into me I realised I was paling wet and it wasn’t my “little problem “ as she called it I suddenly shuddered and felt myself squirt, she noticed it too as she spread my juices over my bum cheeks then gave them a slap and told me to stand up as she had finished. As she emptied the basin she told me I was going to be wearing pull ups in the daytime and nappies and plastic panties at night till I could learn to stay dry I told I would would try not to wet but I didn’t need pull ups or nappies I wasn’t a baby. She pulled me to the mirror then handed me my wet panties then asked me what I was holding, I blushed as I said “ my wet panties mom “ she slapped my bare bottom and said try again and it’s mommy now and your a naughty little girl !! So tell mommy . I felt my face burning with humiliation as I said “ my wet panties, I’m a naughty little girl mommy “ she led me to the bath telling me to step into it but to stay standing so she could wash me, I felt like a naughty toddler as she washed me all over then as I stepped out she wrapped me in a large towel and led me with the plastic bag into my room, there I noticed the new changing mat on my bed and the baby powder on my dresser. I was dried powdered and put into a thick babyish pull up and to add to the humiliation she held a pair of milky white vinyl panties for me to step into, telling me she would think about whether to send me to school in them but I was definitely going in my new pull ups. As I stood totally humiliated she took one of my mini dresses and pulled it on me. I asked her for my bra but she grinned and said little girls don’t wear a bra, I have some new vests for my little girl to wear. As I looked in the mirror I could see my pert b****** straining against the thin cotton fabric of my dress and as I turned my babyish panties rustled, mommy said I didn’t need any shoes as I was going to be put to bed in an hour anyway.
My bedtime routine was six o clock and bonce in my nappies there was no potty time. I tried hard not to wet my panties but I had several accidents and on those days I was immediately put in thick double nappies at home. I have managed not to give away my childish panties at school but I am still put in babyish nappies at home and my weekly shaving is done on my changing mat to enforce my toddler state, if I complain mommy pushes a dummy in my mouth and warns me of the consequences of any more whining.

Dec 11, 2019

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  • I have never been comfortable with the term, nappies, but love to hear about people being diapered. My mother and grandmother quickly found out that I was fascinated with diapers. They both kept me in diapers all my life. My grandmother last diapered me when she was in her 80's. She used to show off her diapering skills to her friends. All the ladies loved patting my diapered bottom as much as i loved the attention and the feeling of being naughty.

  • You have an email Op?

  • Stories like this are disgusting and vile.
    Not a confession, just some fat old guys incestuous fantasy.
    Grow up.

  • Wow this s*** is sick, and I thought I was screwed up! This is child abuse at it's best.

  • Nothing wrong with incest fantasies. I thought it was about incontinence.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm pull ups and a bald p****

  • Complete opposite to what you have isn't it! A morbidly obese body and a small hairy C***

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