I’m Having S** With My Boss

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have two daughters. For the past 18 months I’ve been cheating on my husband and having s** with my boss. It’s nothing romantic whatsoever, and in fact we’ve always done it in the back storeroom, never in a bed. I have a wicked strong sub streak in me that my husband just doesn’t get. So, I let my boss do whatever he wants to me, whenever he wants it. My boss uses me to get what he can’t get from his wife - blow jobs, a*** s**, giving facials, etc. I’ve also gotten my boss to urinate into, and on, my v*****. Regardless of what my boss is doing to me, he calls me the filthiest names he can think of. My boss uses me practically every day and I feel totally fulfilled. Once in a while I do feel bad for cheating but I really don’t want to stop

Dec 12, 2019

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  • Enjoy it you only live once . When you make love to your husband ask him if he would like you to be with another man. He will probably say yes, then ask if you can suck your bosses c***. He will probably say yes. Then your free to have fun.

  • You have only one life!! Enjoy!!! no regret!!!

  • You cheaters are disgusting. It’s obvious that you don’t want to be married and you do not love your husband or care about your children. If you did you wouldn’t do this s***. So damn selfish. I hope your husband finds out and leaves you and takes the children. They all deserve better. Who knows what filthy STDs you’re bringing home to them. Why not just become a prostitute and you can get paid for your filth. F***** Nasty woman.

  • I get it. I've liked power play s** before I knew what that was all about. When I was single I was pretty much game for anything that seemed fun. My first actual s** like that was with a supervisor at work. We were young and single so it didn't bother me in the slightest. I obeyed him not because I was attracted to him but because he made work for fun and interesting.

    Years later, I was married and we were having huge money problems. My husband went way out of town for work. The money was going to set us right but it wasn't going to got to me in time for rent and bills now. Our apartment landlord was over and giving me a hard time. I didn't know what to do so I called my husband.

    I knew my husband wasn't supposed to take personal calls at work but I was panicking. It was a land line and we didn't have a speaker phone so both our faces were near the phone. The conversation was brutal at first and then my husband offered ME to use... Wait, what? I thought. The landlord said he had enough of that. Besides, he doesn't like to share. My husband added, "I won't even touch her. She's yours until we are caught up." I was in shock. Inside of me was frozen in panic.

    I offered to do 'other' services instead. Cleaning and cooking would be MUCH better, please? They both basically added that and agreed. I was to belong to our landlord, for s** and domestic work, until we were caught up on our debt to him. OMG I couldn't believe it. I was just opening up my mouth to protest when it dawned on me... I might REALLY like this. If this got out I was blameless. We were in a bad spot and the icky landlord took advantage on us, and or my husband made me do it...

    Long story shortened, even though it started really rough, I REALLY love looking back at that time. I have no regrets.

  • Don't stop. Enjoy it while you can. I'm totally into what you're doing. Being a good sub s*** sounds like it's doing you good. Service him and satisfy his urges. Wish I had one like you.

  • 1) Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding you having s** with your boss. If you feel the need to be degraded to that extent, good! You go girl! Perhaps the abuse that he happily bestows upon you can be even more intense and far more degrading than what you are now experiencing...why? Because you desperately want it that way, so you should be acquiesced. There's nothing better than being able to fully experience the wrath and terror of abuse when its coupled with the possibility of extreme blood l*** torture and death.

  • 2) You need to elevate your perspective for these types of experiences since you so much desire that perpetual ass kick. Take your desire for abuse to the highest level possible. Some of the most disgusting things to experience {which will be fun for you}, can only be derived from your personal connection to the dark underworld of pedophilia, satanic ritual sacrifice and snuff films.

  • 3) We suggest that you locate an infamous crack house with your main focus on Mexican, Russian, or Asian gang/Cartel activity. They are all over the place if you're serious. With your personal interests, they will be easy to find and happy to see you. They want women like yourself to star in their many shows. You'll find that the abuse that your boss gave you was nothing like the sort of near death or total "snuff" experience that you can get by working with them. You need to began putting yourself into far more precarious situations than what you are now in with your boss.

  • 4) Take a casual stroll into some of the most dangerous areas of your State or town at night. You know where the most dangerous areas are purported to be located...if you don't, just put yourself out in the open streets of the most notorious areas of town that you've heard about and all of the "glory" will gladly come to you. Some people want to be abused and some people want to abuse and you want the abuse...so you should have it in spades.

  • 5) Since you think absolutely nothing of yourself, your husband, family, your boss & his family, there's no reason for you not to take this to the worst and most degrading extent possible. Remember that. You need to participate in a snuff film. You wont need to do it more than once. It sounds right up your...alley. Many trains will be pulled on you before you're fisted by two different men, as each one simultaneously rams his entire fist and forearm far into your vaginal and a*** cavity while vigorously grabbing and snatching at the depths of you as they vigorously s***** portions of your raggedy and b***** insides out.

  • 6) It will be best for you if its happening while you are being elevated and helplessly carried {excites you doesn't it?} into an area where you can be hung by a large rusty hook by the back of your neck as its pulled up towards the ceiling while your legs flail wildly below. There's no getting out now. The shows about to begin. The pain of having your b***** and torn insides repeatedly snatched out is probably quite comforting to you...as I said, elevate your perspective.

  • 7) There are many horrific situations anxiously awaiting your arrival..don't disappoint them. Your boss isn't doing his job well enough if you are still here...elevate your perspective...go for the gold. You want only the worst...there are a lot of opportunities out there anxiously awaiting your arrival. Good Luck! Pam&Punky.

  • I am a single man 40 years old . i want you to penetrate my a*** by your hot fingers.that arouse me too much.

  • Punky and I ask, Are you gay? Pam&Punky

  • If I were your boss, I’d have you dressed up as a s*** as I filled your cheating p**** with my c**.

  • Good girl!

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