Young s***

Win i was 8 i was walking to school and 3 hi school guy grab me and dragged behind a store that striped me and head me down and took turns f****** me at first it hurt so bad but they keep f****** no matter how much i cryed and plead after all 3 had finished that left me thaer as i got dressed i could find my underwear i finished dressing and went to school win i got home i took a shower i found i had c** down both legs almost to my ankles the next day they did it again it didn't hurt this time it felt good the next day i went with them willing and the day after that i meet them back there that talk about how i was to willing i got down on all 4 waiting for them the first guy got behind me thin thear was a sharp pane as he started all 3 f***** my ass hole that day no lube or stretching just 3 d*** as hard as they cod and 2 of them went 2 time on me i was crying the hole time as the last guy finish he flipped me over and stuck his tung into my mouth after that he told me saree and then wiped the blood s*** and c** off his d*** on my shirt i layed there and criyed for a long time before going home that continue f****** me every day before school they was never that ruff with me again one day it was very cool and one of the guys made me strip complete thin Heald me on a could metel dumpster as he did me the next guy didn't let me cover up as he f***** me the first 2 guys left and the 3 guy came around the corner and seen me laying on the ground in the snow naked shivering my skin was really read he picked me up and raped me in his jacket he held me for a bit then he help me get my close back on he held me for a bit i realized he was the one ho had kiss me earlier thin he walked me home win we got home i invited him in he layed with me in my bed until i was worm again thin he told me to get a shower so i did i washed my p**** out good win i was dun i got back in bed with him again he kissed me thin he licked my p**** and my nipples thin we had the best s** i had ever had he made Shure i got off he did it 4 time before he left that day the guy never showed up to f*** me again but the one guy would nock on my window several times a weak i would let him in and we would have s** some time he would even spend the night in bed with me one night i had my best friend over when they're was a nock at the window i let him in and all 3 of us had s** it was so hot watching her take her first time now he visited me and her so he not round as much and i need more d*** so i start f****** boys from school im 10 now and i have f***** every body in my class and about haft of the boy in my school one of the math teacher has been liting me do it in his class room as long as i let him have some witch i really want any way because his d*** is the biggest i have ever had is like a foot long and bigger around thin my arm now i wont d*** i can't get enough i try to get f***** 4 time a day and i still won't more

Dec 12, 2019

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  • I was 11 or 12 when I was raped by my older cousin My sk ype is annie price 123

  • Troll

  • R u a Troll

  • Rejoice, Pedo stories like this will magically make this Site and that Naughty Confession site disappear from existence soon, this site and that naughty site is soon gonna be on its death bed and this site will be as dead as my space and Linkin and Facebook ( by 2100) , rejoice because I give these 2 Crooked Websites between 3 to 10 years left before Google and Bing and Microsoft and Apple bans it from its browsers and the only way this site will survive will be going to 🇨🇳 China or Eastern Europe or India.

  • I hope you f*** better than you spell

  • Dirty pedo . You do realise this site is monitored, expect a visit from the police soon a******

  • F*** off you stupid c*** before I make you drink a gallon of lighter fluid

  • Do us all a favour drink it and set yourself on fire

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