My sister's brake up s**

Im 28 and my sister is 23 she was dating the same guy for 3 years now she called me 3 weeks ago and told me that her boyfriend had broke up with her and begged me to come over to keep he company i went to he house i nocked on the door she opened the door in her underwear she looked so sexy she is 95 lbs c cup b**** read hear and blue eyes when she seen it was me she huged me and kiss me on the mouth that was something we had never dun before she was so sexy in her underwear and her tung in my mouth i wonted he so bad i picked her up and carted he to her bed we start having s** the first thing she said was c** in my p**** so i did she was right a very good lay after the s** we layed in bed talking until we feel asleep she told me about how he boyfriend hadn't even touch her in a year . The next day she woke me up with a b******* we have been having s** every cans we get after a week of p**** full of c** she told me she hadn't been on the pill so after we talked for a bit we still have s** her p**** is still talking every lode and we r trying dating sofar we r loving it she is the best s** i have had i love making her square last night we went to the movies she was in a mine skirt i got out my d*** she sat on it and we slowly had s** dearing the movie

Dec 12, 2019

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  • I haven't f***** my sister, but I did get an accidental b l o w j o b from her. Best ever!

  • Punky & I thank you for your comment regarding you & your 20 something sibling having lots of s**. That sounds completely disgusting to us. How could the 2 of you be so low down & satanically debaucherous like that? We'd say because you are satanically possessed & debaucherous to the core. Actions speak louder than words. This is the case whether you are aware of it on a conscious level or not. It is what it is. It will be interesting to see how things transition between the two of you from this point on as you grow older. You may find that you end up being resentful & disgusted by one another. It becomes associated with events & things that you have become ashamed of that only the two of you know about, or do more know? Riddled with fear, envy, jealousy, revenge, hate, guilt & a myriad of other emotions, it gets very deep & convoluted when you start participating in heavy, sexual activity with your siblings. As you began to mature, you start to lose respect for one another. Some eventually come to blows over petty emotional & narcissistic "drama". The cloud will have to clear or the "mental state" suffers. People usually desire for something more complete & that often channels them into a more spiritual direction that allows for a successful "pull" away from your level of darkness into one of self respect, personal integrity and love...because where the two of you are now is a very bad place. This will be an interesting lesson for the two of you & a good lesson. It seems like sneaky & exciting fun now but it will be short lived & the price for wanton sexual activity between the two of you will be high. You do age. You will not be in your 20's or 30's forever, you do get older. Think about that. You'll learn... you cant help but learn as long as you remain on this's called life. Good luck. Pam&Punky

  • Absolute rubbish! There is nothing wrong with siblings having s** with each other and a 99% of the time it causes no problems at all. I've had s** with two of my sisters and we have no issues with each other. Incest is normal!!!!

  • Isn't it time we stop pretending sibling s** isn't normal?

  • It's normal to seek comfort in a sibling. It really helps you to get over a relationship. Me and my sister always done this.

  • Spelling isn't your strong point is it neckbeard

  • Would you stop being a racist c***?

  • Nothing wrong with that!

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