Small p**** humiliation

I am a single 40 years old man . I have a small d***. I like to be humiliated because of that. I am going to many prostitutes and get naked in front of them. Not to f*** them but to humiliate me . I get aroused of that. I want any lady to email me and humiliate me. Is it possible?

Dec 14, 2019

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  • Awww has your little peepee lost you lots of money paying for women to tell you the limp finger like thing hanging alongside those m&m testicles between your legs is about as exciting as walking miles home in a thunderstorm? I bet your shrivelled tiny maggot is hilarious when revealed, twitching with excitement and dribbling with anticipation? Does this sound right?

  • Oh yaaa . You turned me on. Who are you. How old are you my little girl?

  • Tell me, when you get turned on what happens? Does your tiny crayon d*** double in size? Or does it just go from being floppy to being hard and pointing to the ceiling but no growth? Describe your "d***" to me? You call your Queen. 20's. that's all you get to know about me for now, apart from I'm naked from my chest down and my fingers are wet...

  • Yes. My queen. You turned me on. I am about to come now. But still my tiny d*** is floppy Humiliate me more my mistress. I hope you put a strap on and f*** me in my ass .send me your email so I can post you a photo of my little d***

  • Slow down cocktail sausage d***. You can have my email when I'm ready, post a pic online somewhere and put the link in this page so I and everyone else can see you. Do this for your Queen.

    You are demanding, especially as you have very little to offer me. Very very little. I would have you in front of me and my friends, strip naked and let us inspect your miniature willy with a magnifying glass. Oh you want me to f*** you? Would you prefer to be bent over the dining table or on all fours on the living room floor? With me pounding your ass in front of all of my friends? How big can you take up your ass? Your little pinky d*** would be useless for me, maybe you would need to wear a strapon to f*** me? Or I might just get a real man to f*** me while your little d*** dribbles in its sad little existence.

    Get naked, take a pic from shoulders to knees, get as hard and big as you can, upload the photo online and link it here. Understand? You have no purpose for you pathetic, minuscule, laughable, baby c*** other than to entertain me with it!

  • Now you're making me wait? Are you too much of a p**** to do it?

  • For a price, yeah. I'll mock your little d*** all day

  • Humiliate me and i will send you a price

  • Ok. Humiliate me please

  • A guy I know is like you. He only 4 inches he also gay. My two girlfriends and I s** play with him daily. We humiliate him mocking his tiny c***. It gets him super hard being dominant by us. When that happens we taunt him, said he not a man and can never make us c**. We tie him to the bed and ride him. He usually starts crying I'm gay I want to be ass f*****. But his c*** is hard and he can f*** all 3 of us for hours before he finally c***.

    He small but because he can last he makes us all c**. We love his little gay c***.

    BTW he can't get hard with any women but us. We brought another girl once and he couldn't get aroused. She left and he got hard. He also got me pregnant last year. We have a daughter now. The other girls want a baby too.

  • Ok. I want you to humiliate you

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