Lick b*******

I like to lick a woman’s b*******. After she gets out of the shower, I like to put her on all fours, get behind her and lick away.

Dec 14, 2019

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  • I love eating my wife's ass. Especially after she has worked all day( she is a mail carrier) or has gone the gym to do cardio. I love the intense musky smell of her sweaty a***. She has enjoyed getting rimmed since the first time I let my tongue slip down from her sexy p**** to her tight backdoor. I was the first guy to give her this treatment.

    In my past relationships I have never had a woman tell me to stop once my tongue hits her pucker.

  • I do this with a few prostitutes I know. They love it so give me a free hand job. We don't use any protection, I know the risks but I love it so much. Sometimes their ass taste like latex, other times there are drops of c**. Sometimes I switch to their p**** too. Sometimes I f*** them in all of the excitement and end up paying them. They're cheap hookers though, which is more of the fun.

  • Married 30 years only recently my wife started to let me lick her a**hole l love it and she loves it too . Even after she goes to the gym without showering she let's me lick her sweaty hole

  • A gym sweaty ass is the best flavour!

  • At least some woman should find that addictive, and ask you to do it for them again - and again!

  • I wish i could spend my whole life with my face buried in a teenage girls ass and my tongue deep inside it...getting high in public on poppers while perving on their delicious cracks is my whole weekend

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