My daughter first time

My wife died 8 years ago and i have been talking care of our daughter . One night she came to my room a was asking me about blood in her panties . so i explained to her what a periods was witch end with the s** talk . she asked me y people have s** . I told her to make babe's and for fun . she asked me how to have s** . So i told her several was to do thin she asked me wat a d*** look like before i could answer she asked if she could see mine i thought about it for a bit then i show her because she keep being . As soon as she seen in she had her hand on it . Thin her mouth . I couldn't take it anymore and i gave he a great f*** ending in a creampie she loved it . We have f*** every night sense that night and i think she is pregnant



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  • Stand on the tracks sick fock

  • Again with tracks maybe u should try in front of a car

  • Good for both of you. Be happy.

  • The best s** education a daughter can get is from her dad but please remember birth control!!

  • H*** no I like to see the look on their face when you fill the c*** with c** for the first time

  • No condoms they need to feel daddy's lovely warm s**** in their p****

  • How many prison years do you think you will have to serve?

  • No it's the same poster he is just a sick twisted fiction writer.

  • Shouldn't serve any!!

  • Congratulations

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