I am an escort

I am an escort. I have been working over 12 years and really enjoy it. Besides my husband, none of my family knows what I do. Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I passed a milestone that made me pause; I had s** with over 5,000 different men. My husband thinks I have a bunch of regular customers but in reality, most bookings are men I have never met.

Thanksgiving day I was at my parents house and left to have s** with three different guys. I was only gone about 2 hours no one batted an eye. They didnt ask where I went or anything. I think they know I am a w****...

Dec 15, 2019

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  • Is it bad that I suddenly find myself wanting to be your customer?

  • My sister is a school teacher wife, mother and escort. Her best friend started escorting first and got her into it when they were in college. I was SO jealous when I found out as I was already married. I had always wanted to try it but didn't have the guts

    My sister said she'd quit when she got a full time teaching job but didn't. She said she'd stop when she gets married, but she didn't. She only escorts part time with regulars from way back. I don't know why, but ever since I first found out about my sister, I've fantasized about my husband hiring her and becoming a regular too.

  • Love that last comment about your husband hiring her! So f****** hot!

  • I agree that escorts are some of the most useful people in society, worthy of respect and legal standing. The whole girlfriend experience (GFE) thing is a perfect way for more men to relax and have some relief. The escort who does it is probably paying tuition, rent, child care, or medical insurance. It is simply taking care of each others needs and is more realistic than minimum wage.

  • That's an average of about 416 guys a year. You deserve an olympic gold medal. But seriously, I get it. There are so many lonely, good guys that are unfulfilled both in marriage or as singles. Making s** available in the way you are is beneficial to both parties. It is probably the world's oldest financial transaction too. Everybody needs an outlet like this from time to time. It probably leads to better mental health as well.

  • My married s** life got boring and infrequent about the time I turned 50. I found escorts to be a remarkable solution and have enjoyed them hundreds of times. I always felt great respect for them and believed it was an honor to spend some time with them. I tip big and enjoy the kindness and sensuality in a woman's touch. A good escort is far more honorable than many many people in society.

  • I wonder if I was one of your customers?

  • I'm not gonna judge, you clearly enjoy your job, and must be good at it!
    I say well done to you, you've got a good husband who's OK with what you do, just be safe and enjoy it!!
    Wish I could enjoy my work as much as you do! I'm an engineer on fuel tankers and spend too much time at sea!! Maybe you'd like to broaden your horizons and visit ships at anchor 😁
    So yeah, well done and all that!!

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