Sexy sister and cousin

It happened a few years ago when i was 15 and my sister and cousin was 14,I would w*** off everyday around my aunt's house but one day i couldn't as they were both there and we started drinking and they told about s**, hearing what they were saying turned me on and then my turn saying i w*** which made them giggle my cousin then said show us i had nothing to loss so stood up and got it out wasn't big about 5inc and it was twitching that's when my cousin just grabbed it and looked at my sister and said it's rock hard look how we got him she let go and they started to whisper and said come up stairs and went to my aunt's bedroom and they striped off nice t*** and shaved bold p*****,got a BJ of my cousin with my sister watching and was like that for a week untill one morning at home before school we was about to leave when she asked how come i look at her when f****** or getting a BJ and I said because i want to f*** you so i pushed her up against the wall kissed her and hand up her skirt and she said ok but in her room that was it and the neighbor must hear the bed banging against the wall,we still do it and i love it when there dressed up.

Dec 16, 2019

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  • That is so f****** hot. 14 sister oh f*** yeah. I'd love to f*** up your lil sis in front of you..pounding her ass and stretching out her c*** while you w*** all over her and dump your f****** incest c** all over her sweaty f****** girl w*** body

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