I wsnt to see my post lady's f****

The lady that delivers my post is about 30 years old, 5ft"7 with brown hair .
I want to see her the bush that I suspect is hidden in her knickers
I'd love to stick my hand down her knickers and feel her hairy c***.
I'm sixty so no point asking.
I'm considering putting s covert camera in my loo, inviting her in for a coffee these cold mornings and Hoping she"ll need p*** while I watch from my lounge and w***.

Dec 17, 2019

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  • Get friendly with her and try to talk her into your fetish. May be at her age she will be wiling to cooperate with you. Don't use concealed camera, that may lead you to an unpleasant situation.

  • She is pretty and seems quite traditional. I reckon she's got s forest of long curly pubes that are just trimmed to stay in her knickers.
    I'd love to sniff her c***, I think it smells divine. She needs my c*** !

  • She might have a johnson!!

  • If she did have she'd get swift kick in the knackers believe me. I hate queers.

  • And apparently incredibly boring.

  • How the f*** does hating q**** unnatural blokes that f*** each other up the s****** make me boring ?
    Most men would say that makes me normal.
    Perhaps you're a f***** and I've offended you you q**** c*** darling

  • I don't find you boring, I agree, Queers are disgusting.

  • Thank you mate but I know that.
    Tell me this as I can't explain it :
    George Michael was an intelligent, wealthy,
    talented good looking bloke that could have had almost any bird he wanted yet he preferred another blokes a*** !
    Like I say , I don't understand.

  • As a bisexual female, I find this incredibly f****** rude. Q**** people are, well people too! And it most certainly isn't unnatural. And 'most men' nowadays would probably say that you're a homophobic piece of s*** sho needs to go jump into a vat of toxic waste.

  • S*** shaggers and dykes are not normal and are God's mistakes You as re not right in the head.

  • Your a true man's man👍

  • Cheers geezer I know !
    Politically incorrect and proud !

  • You could then stick a tag on her "return to sender"

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