My dog licked my p****

It all started this morning, i woke up feeling something unusual. I pulled the blanket down and my dog was eating my p****! I didnt think it was wrong so i encouraged him to keep licking me. After about 15 minutes of him licking my c*** and a****** i came all over his hairy face. I didnt bother cleaning his face, so when my mom asked me what happened i told her it was just milk. I feel guilty about it now!

Dec 18, 2019

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  • If any of you are into this, hmu on snap~
    19 yo bi dude here uwu my snap is Dettmen

  • I can tell you as a guy I let my dog lick my d***. She does it on her own, I’ve never put any food or flavor on it she just knows that when I cub she likes it and she has learned that licking my ass and b**** get the c** faster , we don’t do s** and I’ve never forced her. She sees me go into the bedroom and as soon as my c*** is exposed she licking it. She gets very excited. Anyone who says this is wrong is dumb. Don’t get caught tho because the world does not agree with us. I would actually love to meet people IRL to get together and do this as I think it could be a fun group activity. Hard to know who to trust tho.

  • H**** scumbags thats why alot of us womens are whores

  • My wife claims that no man can lick p**** better than her dog.

  • You shouldn't feel guilty.

  • When I was 17, I accidently caught my sister having s** with my dog. I went out to the kennel too feed him, when I opened up the door, he was on top of her pumping away. Even though she was my sister, it turned me on.

  • Slowly dribble pee and he will lick you crazy

  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • I am a male one time while sniffing my mothers panties and jerking off our dog came into my moms bedroom he got behind me and put his nose up to my rear and started licking what a turn on this was having my dog's tongue licking my rear he was trying to mount me as I was licking and sniffing my mother's panties I looked down and could see his d*** was hard and I wanted it in me so I pulled my mothers panties over my face the crotch to my nose and mouth I got on my knees and spread my butt cheeks I lubed my ass with my precum to make it easier for my dog to slide his c*** inside me he mounted me and tried to f*** me I could feel the wetness from the tip of his c***

  • Go ahead enjoying his lapping your p****. You should also think of let him f*** you. Initially you may draw him onto your chest area so that his c*** is aligned with your p**** and let him push his c*** while you part your thighs as wide as possible. He will find your p**** to enter and just close your eyes an enjoy as long as you like, and let him dump his hot c** deep into you.

  • Keep enjoying it, explore it further. Dog's co c ks are wonderfully big, produce huge amounts of cu m and will delight you to no end. Enjoy!

  • Do you have Snapchat

  • I so so wish I was your dog. I love that so much

  • Any girls who let their dog hump them or lick them or w.e. Add my snap. Andyc2104

  • Sexy

  • My dog a German Shepherd named Blue, started doing that when I was 13. I'm 18 now and it graduated to s** on the day after my 14 birthday, I was high on weed and Blue had eaten me. I played with high d***, and he started to hump me. I help by guiding him into me.

    Blue took my virginity, and came in me 4 times while f****** me for 30 minutes. The knot was painful, but it felt so good.

    I have no interest in guys, only Blue gives me the sexual satisfaction I want and need. All girls show try a big dog. I can blow him swallows and 5 minutes later he hard again and ready for s**. No man can preform like that. And I can't get pregnant which is the best thing.

    I c** so hard when he knots me.

  • Do you have snapchat?

  • Add my snap funsfs

  • Amen!! It's wonderful.

  • I love you. Awesome

  • Lucky dog licking a 13 yr olds p****

  • She should let me lick it

  • I too have s** with my dog. It started when I was 15 I'm 20 now. I went to my friends house and her dog was licking her p****. Then she let him f*** her. She told me to try it and I did and loved it. Now I have my own dog, for last 3 years, and I only have s** with him

  • Damn that’s hot do you have snapchat

  • Wonderful!

  • Dang... now I'm jerking off to your comment. I would love to watch you and your dog while stroking my c***.

  • Any girls who lets their dog add me on snap chat. Andyc2104

  • Any girls who really lets their dog. Add me on snap chat. Andyc2104

  • Im 15 and let my dog lick my v***** until i o*****, it only started last year when i was masturbating after a shower and our dog came in my room and started to lick me, i always use to push him away but this time i thought, okay, enjoy, opened my legs, I don't do it every day, now and then, done it few times since it started, i don't think i would let our dog F*** me, im not sure about that yet

  • Add my snap. Any girls. Andyc2104

  • I let my Female dog lick my c*** and I put it in her mouth and c** all over her face and then she likes to lick the c** off my c***. I really want to f*** her lil dog p**** but I haven't yet.

  • Finger her p**** with your lubed fingers, one at a time. When you are able to insert two fingers, then you will be able to f*** her. Use enough lube to do it!!

  • They can take 2 fingers MUCH younger than that

  • Gross, poor dog

  • Not ok

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