Wife being f*****

It’s 16:50 on 19/12/2019 and I’m sat in a car park not too far from my home, and I know that right now, my wife is getting f***** by her old school teacher. She has f***** him before we got together. When she texts me to let me know it’s clear to head home I’ll go in and f*** her also before she meets with a another guy this evening to get f***** again. I love to know she’s being f***** by other men. She’s videoing it for me but hopefully soon I’ll be sitting watching it happen in front of me

Dec 19, 2019

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  • Does she ever let you watch. I love licking my wifes p**** after she gets f*****.

  • I've been into Wife-Sharing for many years now. There's infinite p*** on the internet, but there's nothing more arousing than watching another guy porking your own wife bare-back right in front of you, then taking Sloppy Seconds in her hot, dripping love canal.
    You're almost there and it will be worth it.

  • It's so hot to watch your wife naked on her knees sucking another guy, younger and with a bigger d***. And then seeing him pound her so hard with so much energy.

  • Preferably it is a black stud satisying her so much that she cuts you off from s** and only lets you c** on her soles after watching her wail like a banshee.

  • Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding you enjoying utilizing your wife as a human sexual toilet for all to degrade and enjoy. It may seem fun and exciting to the two of you now in the short term but in the long term, this type of behavior will be detrimental to any type of long standing or rewarding connection. It doesn't sound like either of you has any real respect for the other and you also sound very young and there doesn't seem to be any real love there as love doesn't degrade, it builds. The types of relationships that you are now not only nurturing but cultivating are only "empty" and vacuous spaces. Are you thinking about the results of your behavior or are you just acting on impulse and enjoying the moment? When the repercussions of your behavior finally hits you you'll both realize that there's never really been anything of substance between you and your fates will be sealed. Expect that fate, whatever it is, to also be wholly reflective of the two of you...The combination of shallowness, emptiness and deceit will be smiling your way but not much else. Positive, healthy and enriching changes in your lives will not occur until the two of you make them and right now youre going in the wrong direction. Good luck. Pam&Punky

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