Touched friend p**** in sleep

Me and my friend (medium size b****) and hot figure, were sleeping together. while she was in deep sleep i put my hands down her p**** and just gave a little drag, suddenly she trembled. It was hot, really. Then i grabbed her b**** and touched her perky nipples, made me hard. Everything over the clothes. But still i got erection, and then pressed her b**** many times.

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  • My sister lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment. She had a pull out bed in the couch for guest. I was staying and my sister's friend while is hot as f*** was staying. I was going to sleep on the bathroom floor but they convinced me to sleep in the hid a bed with my sister's friend. I woke up and I thought she was sleeping so I started stroking my d*** with one hand and rubbing her ass with my other. A few minutes in and she told me to stop and go to sleep. I told her I couldn't because I was rock hard. She told me to f****** hurry up and finish. I slipped my hand under her pajamas and started rubbing her p**** until I finished.

  • Well I would say she was a good sport about it!

  • I f***** my sister in-law in her sleep

  • I got my sister in law drunk and licked her b*******. It was amazing!

  • That's sleep s*x me and the wife do this sometimes. I remember playing with her p***y she hadn't showered it was quite sticky I went down and lick her smelly p***y clean mmmmm

  • Rapist

  • But it's fine if a woman does it to a guy, right? You f****** people are two faced hypocrites. You and your f****** metoo bullshit.

  • Wow, they never said anything of the sort. Chillax.

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