S** with my sister in law

Alright here goes i f***** my sister in law i asked her what game she wanted to play cause it was just us in the room she said i wanna play who can close their eyes the longest without talking, so i said cool then we laid down i was bored.....and h**** so i started playing with her breast she was like.....ok then,so i continued eventually i pulled down her dress so i could play with it without the fabric blocking it, i stared sucking her nipples abruptly to which she reacted with a look of surprise and confusion which turned me on even more.....so i sucked and sucked till she started telling me to stop then i started playing with her thighs she was flustered and stopped me when i asked why she said "Because I know what's going to happen if i don't and am afraid" so i stopped then went back to sucking her nips until she let her guard down then i suddenly put my hand between her thighs she reacted violently and grabbed my hand which i expected so as soon as she grabbed my hand i used the other on the go from behind and....i felt extreme wetness so i followed it and started fingering her she was so shocked she went limp and was like"Why would you do this?" i did not answer i just continued she was breathing roughly and moaning softly yet she bit her lower lip and mumbled my name eventually i stopped and she calmed down she was like "Wtf did we just do...." i laid there just watching her then i lunged at her and started fingering her again which she was obviously not expecting she was frozen for a second which i used to position my self between her legs and started taking it out.......to which she was so surprise so yet longing was ever present in her eyes"ARE U FOR REAL FOR REAL"she asked confused yet aroused i smiled and opened her legs"please stop"she asked yet i did not i rubbed the tip of my d*** against her p**** as she panted in apprehension and anticipation "GASP"she gasp's when my d*** suddenly enters her, from her expression she must have been thinking "is this the d*** of a 16 year old?"(shes 21)after putting it in i grabbed the bed head to get a good grip and i forced it from the shaft straight to the hilt she moans softly........again and again in and out she suddenly raises up and kissed my neck as her p**** suddenly tightens then she slumps down.I then tell her to flip over to which she said"No we can't do this"lacking the patients to listen to her i forcefully roll her over and slip my d*** in her from behind she pushes her head into the pillow while grabbing my right hand that's on her ass the wet slopping sound echo in my ears as i drill my d*** into her hole time and time again it slips out yet i put it back in and every time i did so she would gasp and moan into the pillows as her juices drip onto the pillows she suddenly grabs my hand so hard her nails go into my skin surprising me yet my reaction? TO F*** HER EVEN HARDER when she finally relaxes the pain from losing my virginity kick's in as i slump down on the bed as she regains strength seeing my painful expression she asked tenderly"are you ok?"am fine just slight pain i reply.Y do i regret it? nahhh would i do it again? h*** yeah thx for reading

Dec 23, 2019

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  • You absolutely melt.
    What a lame story.

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