Because it's true...

Batman is WAY better than Superman. Bruce Wayne gets to f**** girls, has lots of money, car, a butler, a sidekick.. Come on..

Superman.. He's a F****** alien! He's not even human. Clark Kent doesn't get laid, his alter ego is a geek, no car, no money, s***** job.

Case Closed!

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  • Kato was the real hero

  • KimPossible? alright, that's it, thread over.

  • Super girl is almost as hot as Kim Posible. Who wouldn't do either one. Is Kim the hottest chick?

  • You haven't been reading your comics for the past two decade or so.

    Superman is married, and he and Lois have a very active s** life. He's also published a couple of novels as Clark Kent. Oh, and at last count, there were twelve women in comics who qualify as "practical experts" in Kryptonian biology (none since he got married).

  • I didn't say they were wrong but thanks for the tip anyway.

  • Batman lives in an old mansion with a young boy and an old man. Go to's library section, and read about it. Oh, the first and second commentors may have been rude, but just because they were mean, doesn't make them wrong.

  • to the first comment: even if this were a "good" confession, you'd still complain. and you're just sad and mean 2nd commenter.

  • I agree, Batman gets the cool points here. But then there's Spiderman. He can compare to Batman and he's a double jointed f***. lol

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