Step Daughters Panties

So my step daughter, who is 19 dropped of my son and a few of his belongings. He spends the weekends with me. She will drop him off if his mother is busy.
As I do every time he arrives I unpack his clothes and toys. As I was doing so I see in the bag a sexy pair of lace underwear. My heart skips a beat. I grab them and quickly put them in my pocket. I get my son settled and I head straight to the bathroom. I take them out of my pocket and I inspect them closely. They have definitely been worn as I can smell the musky smell of p**** juice and urine. My c*** gets instantly hard. I wanted to explode right there. I stuffed them away until I was alone and could fully enjoy them.
All weekend I would think about them. Who’s we’re they? One of his sisters 15 and 19 or his mothers?!?! Either way I was going to enjoy them.
All weekend my c*** would get semi hard when the panties would cross my mind. I wanted to know who’s they were so bad.
As the weekend was coming to an end I send my son home to his mothers and I head straight for the panties. I grab them and lay down on my bed. I take my hard c*** out and grab it with a stiff grip.
I start to think about them belonging to his mother. She was still hot as a 40 year old woman. But I’ve been there and had lots of fun with her when we were together. There’s not much excitement thinking about her.
My mind wonders off to her youngest daughter who is 15. She has a great body I must say. She is developing nicely. Great set of b****** and a sporty body. It doesn’t really get me all that excited.
I start to think about the oldest one, 19 years old. Now she’s a beauty. In my opinion she has the perfect body. Long brown hair. Big brown eyes. Above average size b****** and a big round ass.
My c*** got so hard, by far the hardest it has in months. I think about her long hair running down her back. The smile I see her give me all the time. I just lay there sniffing her panties thinking about how they were once up against her body and now they are on my face.
I go through so many thoughts as I come to completion all over myself. I lay there still with her panties on my face. I don’t want to remove them. My mind is still wondering who’s panties did I just come to.
A couple days go by and I’m still thinking about them. Far more then I probably should. I’ve always had this fetish and I’m so shocked how these fell into my lap.
I eventually build up enough bravery to ask his mother if she misplaced a set of her underwear. I take a picture of them and send them to her. She replies that they weren’t hers and must be one of her daughters. She laughs about it and nothing else was said. I kept them and to this day I take them out for a sniff or two. Just knowing that weren’t hers make them that much more enjoyable.
So this is where the story gets crazy. My oldest step daughter goes away for a few days and leaves her car in my position. It helps getting my son around when his mother is at work or busy.
I get into the car to clean it up a bit. And I look in the door card and what do I see???? A pair of well worn panties. I mean 2-3 days worn. I almost die right there. My c*** gets instantly hard as my mind goes into overdrive. I grab them and head straight back to the house. Up to the bedroom and pants off. I closely inspect them as I rub my c***. I edge for about an hour sniffing and lightly running my tongue over the sweet spot. After edging as long as I could I explode. Thinking of her beautiful body. How sweet her p**** would taste.
I enjoy them for the time she’s away. Every day I lay there sniffing and thinking about her. The smell of her body and perfume puts me in a wonderful state of mind. Oh how I’d love for her to just make one advance towards me.
When I clean out her car I grab all the clothing. I wash everything. I wanted her to know I seen the wonderful present she left me. I hope she does it again in the near future. Until then it’s back to the old ones.

Dec 25, 2019

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  • Unfortunately, nothing has come of it yet. When she picked up the car I made sure the bag of clean clothes was on the front seat. With the panties on top, of coarse. Since then she has been giving me crazy signs, so I think. I just can’t take that leap and make the first move. She’s so beautiful and every time I see her all I can think about was those panties and what I did with them.

  • We would all love to know what happened

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