Have s** with my dog or really i just want to have s** !

Omg, I watched this women have her dog jump on her and get her and I can't stop thinking about it and it was huge and so much c** !!!! And she was saying no the whole time. He took her down and got her, lol why it made me so wet ???

It' freaking me out because i know i'm going to do it i'm crazy i think

I just want to have s** I think about it all the time now.

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  • 10 years you must have plenty of story's.

  • Go for it - it is the best s** you would ever experience in your life. I am into dog-s** for nearly 10 yrs and I always love it. To start with, let him get used to the smell of your p****. When you are ready for him, sit on the edge of bed draw your dog nearer to your wide spread thighs so that his loin is aligned to your p****. Stroke his c*** for a couple of minutes till his c*** is out of the sheath. Let the tip touch your slit, he will get the hint and intuitively try to enter you. Now hold his waist to help him thrusting into you and leave the rest to his instinct. Enjoy! Soon he will be ready to f*** you in real doggy position ...

  • Let the dog lick your p**** first.

  • Make him used to lick your p**** first. This could be done easily if you coat some whipped cream or sandwich paste made of meat on your p**** and slit. Within a few weeks he will get used to the smell of p**** and you would not to use the add-ons....

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