I had to prostitute myself

About 4 years ago, i got busted for welfare fraud and I got a 2-year sentence. I had to leave my 2-year-old daughter with her father, my then-fiance (he is now my husband), and go do my time. I was placed in a correctional facility that was about 30 minutes from my home, so my then-fiance and our daughter and my mom came to visit me alot (my dad ran off when I was a kid). But after I was there for about 3 months, the assistant-deputy warden told a bunch of us they were going to have to transfer us to another correctional facility that was about 7 hours away because of overcrowding and since we had the least seniority as inmates, we had to make the tranfer. I got an appointment with him and begged him not to transfer me. I told him that, if he transferred me, I would probably almost never get to see my family and that I would go crazy if I couldn't see them. At first he said he didn't care but he shut the door and told me that, if I made it worth his while by having s** with him, he wouldn't transfer me. I said OK because I thought he meant just one time. I found out, soon enough, that that was not what he meant. He re-assigned me from my other prison job in the kitchen to be his secretary. The first day I was there he pulled me into his office and had s** with me. Then he did it again on the second day. Then again on the third day and on and on and on. He ended up making me have s** with him almost every day for the rest of my prison term. I always just went along with it because he always could have had me transferred to another prison anytime he wanted to and I really didn't want to be transferred. About 6 months before I was set to get out, I came up pregnant and I told him I was pregnant. He granted me a special waiver for me to have a conjugal visit with my fiance, even though he was not yet my husband. He said it was because my behavior in prison had been "exemplary" and because my fiance was the father of my child but we both knew he was just trying to cover up the fact that he got me pregnant. It worked. I had s** with my husband let him think he got me pregnant. When my baby boy was born, thank goodness he looked alot like my side of the family. My fiance never suspected a thing and we got married. The part that sucks is that that assistant deputy warden who got me pregnant lives in this community. I see him around town and when he sees me, he always get this big grin on his face. He has even come up to me and my husband and said hello to us and to our children (my husband never met him so he doesn't know who he is). I HATE HIM!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Kill him..its the only way....

  • Sue the warden. Support.

  • That's a horrible experience. I'm so sorry. I believe that you would feel a lot more comfortable if you either moved to another community or came forward about your situation. Also I believe that you should tell your husband. Living with that magnitude of a secret could be very damaging to you both emotionally and physically. Consider seeking further advice from a profession of some sort.

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