I work with a restuarant and I cater with them. The whole catering team was women this night l. We recently got a new worker. Shes a short brunette 18 year old and I find myself staring at her ass in her tight dress pants. We begin to pack up and she moves in front of me but is blocked from moving forward. Her hand is resting on the head of my p****. I dont have any dress pants so my p**** is sticking out. She looks up at me and I expect her to be super nervous, nope she gives a seductive smile hand rubs the head of my p**** lightly. It hot as h*** in the kitchen so I find my self outside and guess who is the only other person outside with me it's the new girl. This venue is massive and has a ton of spots it the back parking lot to hide. She cups my crotch and tells me she wants to show me something. She brings me behind the dumpster and tells me to sit. So i do. She gets to work pulling my pants down. She beings rubing my flaccid p**** until she seems it ready. She looked like a virging but her skill said otherwise not only was that the best b****** I ever got her red lips worked my tip like magic she even managed to get my whole d*** in her mout and I'm blessed in the size department.

Dec 29, 2019

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  • Aske her if she has a lil sis to suck mine

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