Sissy f** husband cheats with black men

I’ve been unemployed since last May. My wife works full time and very long hours she’s a hospital administrator. Instead of searching for work online, I’ve been living my sissy f** fantasies. I’ve been a sissy since junior high and had a few sexual experiences - dress up in my moms lingerie and clothes and have a friend over for a “date”. Even did this while my wife and i dated. On Christmas Eve of all days my wife got stuck at work. My regular day time lover left at 430 thinking my wife would be home by 6 giving me time to wash the sheets and her lingerie and wash off my makeup. When she called and said she would be late, my daytime lover was still inside me. He came in me while my wife and I were still on the phone. I begged him to stay longer I would make us a cute Christmas Eve. He reminded me he’s married. He smiled and said I was a s*** and said call this number and gave me his name. We spoke he liked my pics and came over. He’s got a huge black p**** and used me like a cheap s***. He left about 10 minutes before my wife got home. When we climbed into bed she laid in our wet spot and I apologized I spilled water. The next day he’s calls me and tells me to meet him. I made some excuse put on my prettiest panties and met him at a park. We had s** in the bathroom. When I got home my wife asked why the back of my pants have a huge wet spot. I love my wife but I also love dressing up like a girl and having s** with men

Dec 30, 2019

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  • Been there, done that, swallowed the evidence instead of leaving wet spots.. sillly sissy..

  • I wish I was you

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