Wife's friend's panties

My wife and I stayed with her good friend and her husband who were hosting us when we went to Bali for vacation. I've always found her friend to be very attractive and one evening while using the shared bathroom in their apartment I spotted my wife's hot friend's worn panties. I couldn't help myself but to pick them up, sniff them and fantasize about licking her p****...and subsequently jerking off. this happened about 2-3 more times with panties and bikini bottoms. now i feel terribly guilty and have never done anything like this before or after... was this cheating??

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  • Depends on a couple definition of cheating. My wife would not but yours might.
    I can touch, feel, kiss or grope a little on my wife's hot friends. Yours may lower the boom on you for that. What do you think your wife would say about it?

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