Secretly f****** for money

I f*** guys once or twice a week for money.
I need the money but also do it cause I want s** and this makes it easier without getting into a relationship.
Officially it is called being a sugarbaby but I honestly consider myself a w****.
No one knows in my personal life.
I've f***** married guys, boyfriends and single guys. I am thinking about maybe doing multiple guys for more money now.
Most of the guys are old and I would never be interested in but the f*** can still be good.
I've had guys c** on my face and t***. I swallowed and let guys c** in my p**** or ass.
I am traveling and will stop when I go back home so that no one knows I am a f****** w****.

Jan 1, 2020

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  • There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. I too do the same. I'm married and f*** for money too. No one knows or suspects what I do. The money is good and the s** replaces what I don't get from my husband.

  • It seems to be more common and out in the open now. As a man I have experienced sugar baby dates and always fave fun and am very appreciative. Thanks for making it easy and discreet. I'm a big fan!

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