Needs my son's c**

My son Robert and I have been sexual for 25 years since my husband died hen Robert was 14. I was only 35 and turn to him within days, I had been fighting my desire for Robert since he was 12.

To this day we make love and have oral s** at least 3 or 4 times a day. More on weekends.

When I have my period I give him my ass to feel the pleasure of him inside me.

Robert has been on a business trip since the December 26th. He due back today but my body needs him inside me so bad. I can't sleep.

I dying to swallow his c** again. When I pick him up at the airport today I blowing him in the car I can't live without tasting his c** every morning.!

One other thing he got me pregnant when I was 40 with our daughter. She misses him the same way I do.

We love him so much.

Jan 2, 2020

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  • Oh hun i know how you feel! My son is 14 and has the sexiest most beautiful c*** I've even seen. I'm addicted to it and the fact he c*** like a fire hose!!!!

  • You are every guy's wet dream, a c**-dump who can't live without c***.

  • The best s** within the privacy of family. Wish I could be the same like you ....

  • I agree. I loved my late husband, but he can never be the man Robert is.

    Strong smart and f**** like machine!

  • Good for you!! There's nothing better than family love ;)

  • That's wonderful. I too am active with all three of my sons, who are all still quite young, and the taste of their cu m is something I cannot live without. Nor can I live without taking their cu m inside me. I crave it. I need it. It's unlike anything I've ever known. And it's wonderful. So happy for you.

  • I used to love fking my mom. She was the best sexual partner I had

  • Have you considered starting a family with the boys yet

  • Luckily for my daughter and me, Robert is over sexed and has a fast recovery time. He can get hard again 10 minutes after c******.

    Kelly loves her father's c** as much as I do.

    We both want to swallow in the morning, and Robert is easily able to feed both of us his c** before breakfast!

  • How old is c*** loving Kelly?

  • Do the math, dummy. She’s 20.

  • Are you both hairy ? I love hairy fannys.

  • Must be nice to be as smart as you THINK you are

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