I love pumping in my wife’s ass

Before marriage my wife asked me if I had any experience with a*** s**. I said “No, but I don’t mind trying with you if you want it.” She responded “No way”. Couple of years after marriage she was bent at the bed side and I was standing behind her f****** her doggy style when my c*** slipped out and rested at her a******. She started pushing her ass backwards and I asked her surprised “what are you doing ?”
She said “ I want to try it. “ I hugged her from the back and kissed and bit her neck and shoulders. We laid on the bed and I spooned her and told her to lift her legs up while I was wetting her ass. She said “Don’t touch me with your fingers there. I don’t like it. Just wet your c*** and rub it slowly into my hole.“ She turned and kissed me passionately and I asked her to relax and tell me what she feels as I was pressing gently my head into her ass. She moaned softly in pain. I asked her if I should stop? She responded softly No, keep going. After more wetting and soft trials the head popped in and she moaned loader. I told her to relax and let her hole get used to the size which will increase if we continue. I was kissing her shoulders and rubbing and squeezing her b******. I took it out and she complained and asked to put it back. I added more saliva and pushed it in again. This time it popped in quickly and she started pushing her ass backward as to get more of it inside her. I helped her by pushing and in one smooth slide it was all the way inside her ass. She moaned loud and said “keep it in but stop for a while. I feel so full and so beautiful. It’s filling me up to my stomach.” I asked if she likes it while I was enjoying her tight ass feeling. She said “I love it. I feel your c*** size has been doubled.” And she started moving her ass with a joy and moans. I couldn’t stand the pleasure and I pushed him all the way in. She was crying load when I was c****** deep in her ass. We stayed there till my c*** softened and slid out of her. We kissed and she said that it was a great experience and we should do it more often. After that night she started taking care of her ass and make it smell and taste great so I would lick her hole and tongue f*** her and it became a regular and beautiful thing in our s** life.

Jan 3, 2020

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