My Wife Was A W**** Before We Were Married

My wife was a w**** when I married her. The way she let me know was by reading her diary and of stories of going out with one to four guys at a time. In the diary she told about being fingered on the school bus on the way home from school and that every boy on the bus took turns fingering her. She also said in the diary that she would go out with her girlfriend and her boy friend and they would go parking and they would f*** and she would get so honey from listing to them. She said that one night they were all out together and that her girlfriend passed out from having s** and her boyfriend put his hand on her knee and she didn't stop him, he ran his hand up her skirt and stated finger her, then he crawled over the back seat and took her panties off and f***** her. Her girlfriend woke up and caught them f******. From then on her girlfriend would let her boyfriend f*** her every time they all went out together. We are friends with this couple and they come over sometimes. I told my wife that I think Sherman want's to get in her panties again, my wife said that would be okay and that she would like for me to watch them f***.After we got married, my wife came home from work and she wanted to go to bed,after we got in bed I noticed how wet she was and she told me she wanted to f*** all the guys at her work and that she was noting but a w****. She said that she came back from lunch and the guys were playing cards and she ask them what they were playing and they told her strip poker and ask her if she wanted to play, she told them that she didn't know how to play and besides if she lost they would not have time to do anything else. I told her that there was noting wrong with s** and that there was noting wrong with having s**. I told my wife if she had s** with them to let me know about it, I'm sure she would let me know. I took some nude pictures of her and had them with me at a beer joint one time and showed them to this guy. When I got home that evening and told my wife about it when we went to bed, and that the guy said he would give $50.00 for some of that. My wife said she wouldn't mind making $50.00 dollars. We got to talking about having some pictures of us having s**. We talked about who we would get to take the pictures and we knew this couple who were married and I said why don't we get Sharron to do it and my wife said h*** no, get Bill to do it. I said well Bill would probably want to f*** her, my wife said that would be okay with her. Should I let my wife follow though with what she wants to do and if I don't she will probably cheat behind my back. I guess by going along with her I could learn to enjoy it.

Jan 5, 2020

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  • My wife has been a w**** since she was 10. Her older brother would have his friends come over and they would watch p*** since they were always home alone without supervision. She told me that one day she came downstairs and asked the one she thought was cute to help her with something in her room. she said she undressed and "asked him to do to her what was happening to the girl in the movie" she said at first that he really didn't want to, but she kept insisting and he finally gave in and gave her a first f***. Being a teenage boy, he told everyone in the neighborhood that if you want a good f***, go to Lisa, she will give you a good f***.. So, boys started showing up at the house all summer, brother was not around always and was not interested in what was going on, so if nobody was around, she would take them up to her room and blow them and /or let them f*** her. When she was 12 she ended up pregnant, and times were different, so her best friends mom knew someone and took her to get an abortion. she thought "all these boys really love me" but then realized they were just using her for s**. she still was a w**** but made them use condoms or pull out. I have read old diaries from around 16 to about 18 of who, when and what they did. It's so hot how she wrote "fast f***" or "Maded love" she was walking down the street on time when these two boys pulled up in a car and asked her if she wanted to have some fun and that she wouldn't regret it, she thought why not so they went to this basement apartment a mile or two away, where they all undressed, she blew one while the other one ate her out and they took turns f****** her for the next two hours, then one guy said we need to split because my mom will be home soon. on prom night she passed herself around to her date, his brother and their two friends. We met about two months later, she was 5'10, long brown hair and about 180 pounds. not gorgeous, but pretty enough.

  • Sounded good till she gained all that weight

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