I'm being blackmailed for s**

I'm a FORMER p*** actress. But I left that life behinid. I've since changed my name and my social security number. But some people never let you forget you past. SCUMMY, SLEAZY PEOPLE!!! I work as a legal secretary, now. One of the lawyers here got ahold of one of the old p*** tapes I was in. Let's just say it shows me doing some pretty extreme sexual things (I was young and stupid). This SLIMEBAG lawyer called me in his office and told me he knows about my past and that he has the tape. I thought he was going to get me fired because, where I work, we had to sign a sort of morality clause saying we wouldn't do and had not done anything that would cause embarassment to the firm. If it's found out that we had, we could be fired. He told me I had to meet him for s** whenever he wanted or he would turn me in and get me fired. I'm married and my husband was not working, so we were getting by on my paycheck, alone. Plus, this is the best job I have ever had. If I lost it, I'd probably have to go back to waitressing. Also, I never told my husband about my past. So, if he were to find out, I'm not sure what he would to. He might leave me. So I said OK. I figured I would just go along until I figured out how to get out of it. Anytime he tells me to meet him, I just tell my husband I have to work late on some legal case. The few first times, I cried. But he seemed to be getting off on that so I stopped crying. I just held it in. It's been over 6 months, so far, and I still haven't figured out how to get out of it. It sounds and feels horrible to say, but I'm afraid kind of getting used to it. I usually only have to meet him once or twice a week in some motel room and it's usually just for a few hours. Or, on some weekends, he has me tell my husband I have to accompany a lawyer on a "business trip" and he has me meet him at some hotel room he has rented and has me all weekend. One thing he does do, though, that is kind of helping me out...he leaves me money. Usually about 2 a3 hundred dollars. I feel ashamed about taking the money, but it is helping out. My husband still isn't working and I'd be lying if I said I didn't need the money. But the last few times, he has brought friends with him and had his friends do me while he watched. I've got to find a way out of this. I fear this is spiralling out of control.


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  • Yes real name Nancy O'Neill p*** star name Jasmine Neels lesbian training videos from Ventura Cali

  • That's her name in real life Nancy O'Neill

  • You were just a fluffer, hodag!

  • You don't love your husband if you did you would have quit you job & told him the truth. I also really think you enjoy what they are doing to you. You taking money as well that's prostitution.

  • If you really loved your husband you would have quit your job & told him the truth about you past. It's your fault it all could have been avoided. I think you like what they are doing to you. And taking money that's prostitution.

  • The attorney also signed a morality clause and he makes much more money than you do so he has a lot to lose. Find a way to video him and get him to talk about him blackmailing you. Then turn the tables on him and tell him you are going to send the video to the senior partner and the police and also turn in the other men he brought with him to use you. His only recourse will be to stop using you. This way no one will find out.

  • I second this

  • i was in the same position , my family law lawyer blackmailed me into s** with him ...the mistake was mine tho coz i gave him all the info he needed for blackmail(i tought of client-lawyer onfidentiality) ..i told him i was doing s** videochat on an adult entertainment website...he started to blackmail me to sleep with him or he could tell my husband i was in divorce with ,he also lied that child protection services could take child away from me for being imoral..they were all lies he had nothing to work with ..after 2 months i talked to my husband and told him were i work ..to my surprise he is on my side now, also called police and complained to law society...i advise you to gather all the info u can, get your facts straight and whrite down in detail everything that hapened...if u meet him again tape him,think of any witneses that could of seen you in an unapropriate way with him..god be with you(ps: your have to be prepared for a disgusting long battle...were he is gona try to portray u in a woman with low morals that came on to him, that he is naive and so on..you will have a hard time to find another lawyer to help your against him, get on whriting letters to members of parliament in your area..u will be surprised those will help you)...get out of this i know how sick this makes you, i feel for you..i am sending you good toughts

  • She obviuosly is beautiful. Her past was not law school. It was making p***. When your gorgous you don't need to know much just do what she is doing. I hope you get out before they turn you back in time. Yea call the cops.

  • call the cops. it's illegal what he's doing. jees you should know that, if you really worked at a law firm

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