My teachers had s** with me (long)

I have gym for the last period of my day. I'm told that I look very mature for my age(not like that matters because most the people in my grade have lumberjack beards). I wear sweatpants because jeans constrict me to much so my sizable bulge sticks out even when flaccid, but it's incredibly obvious when I'm hard. The two brunette gym teacher who are young enough to marry me and not look weird (minus the student teacher thing) keep making minor sexual advances. For example one of the teachers mentioned " I hope you're other muscle is as big as these ones" this was while she was spotting me for lifting so she took full advantage of my vulnerability and touched my biceps. Today one of the teachers saw me adjusting my p**** after staring at a volleyball girls ass. She pulls the other teacher Into her office as I go to the locker room to dress. After leaving the locker room the teacher tells me to go to her office and I obliged. Sitting there is the other teacher shes ill call her the tall girl. The other teacher who I will call the shorr girl walks in and sits down. She tells me I will fail the class if I keep slacking off. They know and I know why I'm slacking off, it's so I can stare ate everybody's ass from the back. She pulls out a paper from a folder and tells me to go over to where she is sitting and take a look. I stand up and walk behind the desk to see the tall teacher has her leggings pulled down and her panties slid to the side showing her lady bits. I'm frozen as any person would be but the only part of me that still can move is my p**** so it gets big. The short teacher stands up and tells me to sit in her seat and "get comfortable" so i do. She gets on her knees in front of me and flops my meat out. She does her thing and just like that she blowing me the other teacher only sat there and recorded much to my dismay. Then they switched roles and the short one recorded. The talks women's pants were already down so she bent her self over the table and told me to "c** inside" she explained she had a fetish for c**. Me being a h**** young adult went with it and well imagination can help with this part. And that's what happened when I creampieed a teacher. They never told me why they wanted to f*** me just that they will "do it again" and that there will be good things for me if I agree

Jan 7, 2020

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  • Nice story but this is a h**** boy's fantasy while daydreaming in class.

  • Why waste time on theachers when there is so much lovely tight youngpussy at school?

  • No wonder your education is lacking!

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