Dirty panties

I collect dirty. Pads and tampons. When I'm in a public washroom I look for the little silver box that women put their dirty. Pads and tampons in. I collect them and put them in my pockets. I also collect them in my friends and Families washroom from the trash. After I've collected a whole bunch of them I take them home and spread them on my bed I open them up so all the blood is visible. I then proceeded to stroke my c*** and smell and lick and suck the b***** pads and tampons. I love the taste it makes me come so hard. I once had a friend who is on her period She would take off her panties let me pull out her tampon with my mouth suck on that biting it and I'm having a blood drip drip down my chin. I then proceeded to spread her p**** open and shove my tongue in her b***** p**** and suck all of her secretions getting my face all red. I then proceeded to f*** her and got her to shoe on the bed that I was has 1/2 in my mouth and she sucked on it too we kiss like that while I f***** her. I was cross-dressed at the time. She saves her b***** tampons and pads for me to enjoy alone at home while I m********* and watch naughty p***. B***** p**** taste so good. I would do it for any girl who would ask me to.

Jan 8, 2020

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  • I love finding tampons and pads, especially from a known hot random chick or the hot ones I know. I also sneak panty sniffs whenever possible. Knowing what a woman smells like is such a turn on.

  • Love tampons pads etc some unisex loos are my fav i go straight to the bin heart pounding in anticipation

  • I don't think that very good for your health. it comes out for a reason

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