F***** and multiple pregnancies by Son

I'm 60 years old. My father began f****** at 7 after my mother died. He impregnated me at 13. And I had a son James. I loved my Dad we continued to f*** until I was 20 when he passed.

I was alone on my 24 birthday James was 10 and I became sexual with him. I was so lonely and incest was normal to me. We never used protection as I need to feel his c** in me. I wanted to be pregnant by him. James was 14 1/2 when he impregnated me I was just 29. We had a strong and handsome boy Tom. Then from 31 until I was 45 he impregnated me 8 times and had beautiful daughters.

On my 47 birthday, my Grandson/son Tom impregnated me and we had a boy Edward.

James and I love having s** with our children, both the boys and girls.

James and Tom both have impregnated all the girls at least once. Edward is always after his sisters/aunts for s** he loves the oldest Bell whose 28 the most.
He wants a baby with her and so does she.


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  • I was impregnated by my son when he was 14 years old. We had a beautiful, healthy daughter. She's 8 now, and there's nothing that excites me more sexually than having her suck and lick my sensitive love-button while she's being used doggy-style by her father.

  • Stop lying. I'm into incest but even I know this isn't true

  • All little girls should have daddy f****** them at 7, he should be licking their p**** from birth

  • I saw a show about your family on X-Files one time. The boys kept mom strapped to a car creeper and stashed her under the bed. Great family.

  • I saw that episode. Them were some ugly, creepy people.
    I’ve seen some mothers I would surely love to f*** if I was her son. Nothing wrong with enjoying a beautiful woman. After all everyman has had his d*** in his mother at least once in his life, why not put it back in when both of you can enjoy it.
    But I’d be all kinds of p***** off if I made my own brother/son.
    Come on, folks. Don’t matter how h**** you are, don’t ruin it by getting pregnant with an incest kid. That would really s**** up a good thing.
    And the ‘woman’ that wrote this letter probably isn’t. I’ve never heard a real woman say a d*** felt different with a condom on it. H***, d***** are plastic or rubber and they’re just a d*** she has to use manually. If she can get pleasure with that, she has no real reason for getting herself pregnant.
    If her son’s d***, hands and mouth didn’t please her enough, I don’t think the condom was going would make any difference.
    A woman I know says she isn’t really committing incest with her son because he doesn’t leave any c** in her, it all comes out in the condom.

  • With or without a condom is incest. But I agree with you I think birth control should be used when having s** with a family. I always used a condom with my sister until she started taking the contraceptive pill.

  • Sound like my life also, my father knocked me up at 15, and at 32 and 34 my son did it to me twice. Dad and his son are bi and I love watching them 69 and have a***. My two son from my son are 20 and 23 and also bi, they have gay s** with their father and grandfather and each other And they are now with me daily also. I'm 56 now and my days are basically spent with a c*** in me or in my mouth. I'm usually naked all the time and going from each of my men. I love pulling the train.

    My life is perfect.

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