Daughters dirty panties

I cannot help sniffing my own daughters dirty panties while I j*** off and then c** into them.
I know its wrong but her little cunny smells so good and musky.
Are there any other Dads out there that do this?

Jan 10, 2020

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  • My girls are sill a bit young , but I can't help it.

  • OMG yes. Love this! I have the best o****** in her bed with her used panties against my nose and lips with a soft pretty pair stroking my shaft. Mmmmm so good.

  • Cumright where herpussy was

  • Glad I am not alone. Daddies do love their daughters. Nothing like their sweet juice to suck on and sniff while stroking your c***. Peeping on them is awesome as well.

  • Yes. I am a single parent and have sniffed and played with my daughters panties for as long as I can remember. I loved her young scent and cream growing up. Her friends were awesome as well.

  • I am sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties as I type this mmmm so fragrant and musky with a hint of sweat and pee

  • The younger the better

  • Have used my step daughters worn panties many times they smell so good

  • That's so f****** foul, get help!

  • My daughter is 14
    I hunt down her dirty white schoolgirl knickers all the time , collect her curly brown pubes and w*** as I sniff her f**** scent in her knickers.
    I've seen her hairy c*** once when I "accidentally" forgot she was on the toilet in her school uniform.
    Such a hairy c*** on a young girl.
    Wrong I know but I had a good w*** having seen her hairy f****.

  • I would love to c** in her knickers, I use my nieces

  • F*** yessssss by any chance does your daughter ever have really stinky little feet shoes and socks smells amazing willing to trade stories and or trade for panties

  • I use my nieces, love sniffing the crotch then sucking on it to taste their p****

  • How old are the girls and are they hairy ?
    I adore hairy young girls.
    My wife gives me my blonde fourteen year old daughters to sniff before she washes them.
    I always find a dark few pubic hairs.
    I want to see her c***.

  • Mine is too young for hair I love sucking her c*** juices from her panties

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