I raped my friend

So, I feel really, really bad about this, the remorse eats me up whenever I think about it. When I was 22 I raped a friend who was 19. We were both on friend’s house, in party, heavy drinking, and he had signaled he was willing to hook up later, my friend even gave us his king size bed for us to sleep later. Well, once we were in bed, he backtracked. He was playing hard to get. We fooled around for about 1/2 hour. Trying to convince him to suck my c***, convince him to allow me to suck his. But since he was a top he didn’t want to bottom unless I bottom first. I asked to rim his ass. Then I rubbed my c*** on his hole made some pressure, I took his quietness as consent but when I was actually penetrating he put his hand back to push me away and tried to crawl away. I was really tired of his games by this point, drunk and somewhat angry. I grabbed his neck in a jiu-jitsu choke to keep him steady I forced myself in. He winced in pain but became still as stone. When I sensed he wouldn’t resist anymore I proceeded to the humping, and man, it felt so good, so empowering. When I was finished I lay down by his side, he completely quiet, I felt guilt for the first time. Trying to remedy it I whispered in his ear that if he wanted to top me I would be willing. And time passed, I fell asleep, I woke with him over me, banging my ass forcefully. I did not offer resistance even though it was hurting, and I totally could have. I just felt I deserved it.
When I last woke up he was long gone. I tried to talk to him a few times later, but he avoids me.
So this is it. My terrible horrible guilt. I ‘be lived ten years now with it, and it eats me up whenever I think about it.

Jan 12, 2020

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  • I was 11 or 12 when I was raped by my older cousin My sk ype is annie price 123

  • I was 11 or 12 when I was raped by my older cousin

  • My sk ype is annie price 123

  • I was 11 when I raped

  • I was the same age when the boy who introduced me to gay s** wanted to show me off to his friends and they ended up raping me.

  • I was 14 when I raped my my older sister's boyfriend and it was a wide eyed awakening for me and how I felt sexually.

  • I've always liked other boys in kind of a different way. I am a sissy and admit it pretty much now but before I knew it other boys seemed to know it before I ever did. When I was staying by my aunt's house some boys in the park actually thought I was a girl and asked me if I was. I told them no but they said that I was cute like a girl. Okay, I admit that I liked girls clothes especially panties and my aunt would take me shopping for them after I told her that I liked them. On the monkey bars those boys could see them up my shorts and that's when it happened. They got me to go with them to the creek and we all went wading. They got me to show um my panties, I don't know why I did but I really wanted to show um to someone? That's when it happened, they held me down on my stomach and took turns putting their penises in me one right after another.

  • Some guys I should say boy's are in denial about their sexuality and need to be force f-cked. I know that's how it was for me. I was like the cutest little pr*ck-tease. I was such a j*** for a kid, I mean like I would purposely flirt with boys who I knew were interested in me and then turn um down. Three teenage boys were sick of it and like f-cked me every way possible and I loved it! I even cried when they said that they were done with my cute little pr*co teasing @as! They don't really mean it.

  • I was forced into it with three older boys who invited me to work on models with them in one of their basements. They planned it all along, getting me to sniff glue from a paper bag as an initiation easily parted my gangly legs and loosened my tight little cartoon boy panties till they slipped mysteriously to the floor. The last boy was the fat kid whose mother hollered down that she was making sandwiches and to come upstairs in 15 minutes. She hollered to repeat what she said as he was coming inside of me. It was a weird surreal lunch as I squirmed in squishy underpants eating a cheese sandwich.

  • When I was 15 I had been bottoming for older boys for a while. I had a friend who was the cutest ever. He was 14 and we started the summer inseparable. His parents were out and we snuck some alcohol and experimented mixing drinks from a book his parents had. One thing definitely leads to another with two beautiful and curious boys. I'd never topped before and really didn't have any interest in it until him. He wiggled and squirmed trying to get away but was too drunk to stop me. Me slightly effeminate with a boyish but cute 4-1/2 inches pounded his sweet little bottom. I squirted almost immediately in his tight fresh ass and he whimpered knowing what I had done. His squirming ceased as my warm wet boy c** seemed to seduce and sedate him, he liked how it felt. I f***** him two more times and he was giggling and almost purring by the time I was done.

  • I had to get forced by a friend to accept the fact that my cute little sissy boy bottom was meant for f#cking.

  • I was analy raped by an older boy who was like my bestfriend. He had gotten me to suck him but I was way too young and scared to let him f*** me. We were working on models in his basement and he got me to sniff glue that's when he did it.

  • A friend did that to me daily for months i came every time from his a*** rape. I was staying at his apartment I was homeless and jobless.

    I felt I had no choice. But I got a job and moved out, but realized I could not c** without being raped he trained my body I was his s** toy.

    I went back to him and begged for him to force me again. It's 3 years now, I live there again and am always naked he took my clothes and I'm raped 3 or 4 times a day.

    At night I have my head in his lap and have to hold his c*** in my mouth. He will suddenly grab my head and mouth f*** me and c** I swallow. I hate that I need to be abused by him.

    I hate he made me gay but now I need c*** and c** constantly.

  • That's terrible! I'm not sure if the older boy who was my friend turned me gay by forcing me to let him, or if he saw me as already gay but I didn't know it yet???

  • He sensed you were gay, like my roommate did. Strong men can see gay men in denial like us from a mile away. They give us what we need and secretly desire.

    To be taken with force and release our inner sissy. The see gays like us need to be bred constantly.

  • That’s so true I was force to take the guys c*** . After I was f*** good he told me I know you are gay that’s why I took you . He f*** my mouth and virgin ass a number of times that night seeding me as he called it . I went back for more and ended up moving in with him . I married to my husband 10 years now but not the man that turn me out . I still love my man to take me any time he want .. I here to please him it’s my job as his sissy wife

  • You're most likely right! Being cute and kinda a femme maybe tipped him off. He wears boxers and I wear regular boy's underpants when I stay over at his house. We'd smoke pot and he made comments about my nice ass and we ended up wrestling. He was on top of me and I could feel it, his d*** was stiff. I called him a creep and he started kissing me and I was trying to get away from him and he grabbed my ankle, pulled me back and ripped my underpants then pushed into me and I was like What's happening! He came in me and I said kind of whimpering like "are you having fun?" He said "uh-huh, we're not virgins anymore, neither of us." He kept f****** and f****** like almost forever and the more he did the better it was. I was so embarrassed that I was liking it and he said that my cute little boy p****** hot in ripped underpants. I went to the bathroom to clean up and looked at my butt in the mirror and it looked really cute in torn underpants, it really does. I left um on.

  • I was 15 and worked my first part time job in a large commercial bakery. Another part time worker Bill in his thirties took an interest in me and I developed a schoolboy kind of crush on him. He was Cuban and kind of dark with cool blue eyes. I was smooth, effeminate and had wondered about my sexuality. I was constantly being approached by others both boys and men that were sexually attracted to me. It scared me to think about it, having someone pushing his p@nis in me orally or anally seemed weird, yet I had fantasies develop about Bill who'd tease me about how cute I was, especially my butt. He said that beautiful country boys in Cuba first learned about love from a man. I'd laugh and say no way! I was invited to meet his nephew who 19 and was visiting and wanted me to spend the weekend with them. Bill my friend got called to his full time job and I stayed with Jojo his nephew. We smoked a little pot and jojo's stiff erection passed my lips with little hesitation and under the covers with my white cotton boy panties around one ankle I squealed as he pushed into me and cooed as he came. We frolicked together in the shower admiring each other's bodies. I was now ready for Bill.

  • Have you ever been whipped. Flogged. The pain is cathartic. Sins forgiven. New start. Move on.

  • I was raped

  • Damn... you need closure, even if its been so, maybe he doesn't want to see you but maybe, just maybe you'll both sleep a little better at night if you talk about it, say your sorry, it wont help much and you'll never be the same but its the least you can do

    -someone who you don't know

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