Caught with Buddies girlfriends panties

I used to hang out at my buddies place and we would get high and drunk in his basement and strum on out guitars and play darts etc. I had to go to the bathroom and he said it was just off the laundry room. Making my way there I see a pile of clothes in front of the washer. We kept getting high so we got the munchies of course. Mike went upstairs to get them so I went back to the pile of clothes to investigate. I found a pair of his girlfriends panties in the pile then immediately put them to my nose. Her scent was amazing. I put them back and went back to the couch. We partied a bit more then I went home. I couldn't stop thinking about those panties.
A week or so later I was back at his place and this time the tequila came out. I go too f***** up so Mike told me to just crash on the couch. He went up to bed and I went to the laundry room to look through the pile on clothes and found 2 pair of Kellies dirty panties, both cotton string panties. I went to the couch and jerked off sniffing both of them. Well I then passed out on the couch with the panties beside me The next morning Kellie woke me up and said "what the f*** are you doing with my panties"? I was still foggy from the night before and I knew I was caught. I confessed that I thought she was sexy and wondered what her p**** smelled like. She grabbed the panties and stormed up stairs. When I heard her leave for work I high tailed it out of there.
I would only go back there when I knew she wasn't home and noticed that there were no more clothes being left of the floor in front of the washer anymore.
Fast forward a couple of years, I run into Kellie in a bar and she appears to be a little tipsy. She goes on to tell me her and Mike split up and she hasn't been with a man in over a year. More small talk then outta nowhere she says "do you still think I am sexy"? She says come back to her place for a drink, she has vodka. We ditch our friends and get a cab.
Back at her place she pours drinks and I am sitting on the couch. She stands in front of me and takes off her shirt and pants. Standing there just in her bra and panties. I am just in awe. Time seemed to stand still. She positions herself right in front of me and slides her hand into her panties and says "I am soooo wet....feel" She pulls her hand out and slides her panties to the side, grabs my hand and puts it on her p****. I run my fingers through her lips and indeed she was soaked. She said "take my panties off" then as I do she grabs the back of my head and guides it to her p****. She says "does my p**** still smell good"? Before I could answer she says "lick it".
I placed her one leg up on the couch so I could spread her open and dived in. After I got her to o***** she grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs. As soon as we got into her room she opened my pants and started sucking my c***. What a great night of f******.
Next morning I woke up to breakfast made. After we ate she said my work was not completed yet. Back up stairs to f*** once more. As I was about to leave she said "wait". She hands me the panties she was wearing last night and said " here I want you to have these to remember me by"...I still have them and haven't seen her since.

Jan 13, 2020

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