Is it incest?

I'm 40 year old divorced mom with a 20 year old son Bobby. He is so stressed from college that for the last two years I have been jerking him off in the morning before classes and at night before bed.

I don't take his c*** in my mouth but I swallow his c** everytime because he said he feels so loved to know his Mom love him so much to do this. He also fingers me while I j*** him. Most night we sit on the sofa and kiss for hours. It so sexy kiss my son.

I love doing this. I want to do more (full s**) , but if I do it is incest. Bobby said he loves me and hates we have to hide our love.

I want more than what we do.

Not sure what to do.



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  • To answer your question, yes it is incest.

  • I'm a young male... Any girls honestly into this and does incest add my Snapchat. Andyc2104 Say incest when u add me.

  • Oral s** is just another form of kissing. Please don't deny yourself --- or him --- the incredible pleasure and spectacular release of oral. When you're making out and drenching on that sofa, lean over, pull out that fabulous d*** you love so much, and French away. And one final thought: don't ever waste a single drop of his seed. Make sure it always ends up somewhere inside your body or absorbed into your skin, and always tell him that you are greedy for his nut And always have in you or on You. Tell him You want as much as he can give you. oh, and on the topic of other women entering the picture? Tell him you refuse to share. For as long as you are able to function sexually, make it clear to go that HE IS YOUR PROPERTY, and that he CANNOT GO ELSEWHERE, and then you proceed to service him like no man has ever been serviced. Give him No reason and no opportunity to ever look aaround. You f*** and suck him so much and so good that he will have no need and no want of any woman other than you. You are his mother, and his w****, and his life, and his all.

  • I did that with my son beginning when he was 14. It took a while 3 months to build up his endurance so he would not c** fast. But in the end I trained him to last 30 or more minutes of straight f******.

    I also gave him so much regular s**, oral and a*** s** that he didn't have in interest in girls his age. I'm fat and short, and have average looks, but I gave myself so much to my son he wants me 24/7. If we go out I wear dress with no bra or panties so he could touch me in public. He 28 now, I continue to make him want me, he loves public s** with me. We have been caught dozen of times by people, we just keep f******. I c** so hard knowing my son will c** in me as people watch. I let him do any kinky thing he wants. He will never leave me now.

    And finally, I ALWAYS LET HIM C** IN ME EVERY TIME. And use no protection so I can get pregnant because he wants it. He done it twice at 16 and at 20.

    My son is my world and perfect lover, and I'm his complete s** object. There is never enough s** with him.

  • Good for you! So hot!

  • It's always best to work out whether you are mother and son with benefits or a couple. This conversation all mothers and sons should have when they begin a sexual relationship.

  • Forget the label "incest" and just go with what you feel is right. If you two want to progress to s** then do it. Who cares what other people think.

  • I started to m********* my son when he was a senior in high school. Shortly after he started to go to college we started to have oral s** and quickly had regular s**. We sleep in the same bed and have s** most nights.
    When we go away on vacation we register as mr. and mrs ans sleep together

  • Good for you! I used to have s** with my mum and loved it.

  • Last night I gave in and Bobby and I made love. It was better than I imagined. He is a machine in bed and lasts 45 minutes and recovers fast! In 10 minutes.

    I should go on the pill, as he came in me 4 times last night. I'm exhausted but sexually satisfied for the first time in my life.

    I can't wait until he wakes up. I WANT MORE!

    I love my son.

  • I was guessing you would by the way you posted.

  • Why wouldn't she?

  • If you had already reached menopausal state, you might need pills. Instead you may ask him to use condom or patch of cotton soaked in coke to place deep into your p****. Works good in emergency.

  • Never heard of that method

  • 45 minutes! The first time I had s** with my mum i was so turned on I lasted about 2 minutes! Luckily I lasted longer after that! Lol

  • I think he is lasting a long time, as we had been masturbating together for a while. He learned to hold back until he came so hard it hurt sometimes.

  • Ok, fair enough. It's about time this was legal everywhere. Good luck to you both

  • Do you like feeling his c** on your hand?

  • Yes. His c*** is magnificent. About 7 1/2 inches. I never knew s** could be so good and satisfying. His c*** fits my hand perfectly, his father was barely 5 inches it felt like nothing was inside me.

    I love my son. I wish it was legal to marry him.

  • Should be

  • Congratulations!

  • I admire a mom and son that have a close relationship. I never had that. I didn't even attend her funeral when she passed.

  • I read a thing about Japanese mother wanking off their sons to reduce stress. Cultural differences I guess

  • Alot of mothers do this or would like to but the Japanese are more open about it. My mother used to this for me including oral s** and it's really beneficial

  • My mom bought me a pair of plastic pants and told me to wear them as they would contain the mess and go and take care of myself. Each morning I would take them off in the shower and wash them out and leave them hanging on the rail. During the day when they were dry she would put them under my pillow to wear the next night.

  • At this point what is the difference? Penetration isn't some boundary you haven't crossed because you have already crossed it mentally, plus you are swallowing his c**! If the two of you need to make love then do it. Be aware though that as he matures there will eventually be another woman. Talk over those possibilities and realize this is probably a temporary situation. So now, go get busy on that sofa! You are doing this for you, not him. We all understand desire.

  • Actually it's for both of you

  • You are both adults and I see no reason why you and your son shouldn't have s**. I'm surprised you two have lasted this long without s**. Just go for it and enjoy each other.

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