I am so h**** for c***

I am a 50ish married bi bottom cd. I am setting here at work with panties, stockings and bra on under boy clothing and so h****. I need to have a man control and use me.

Jan 14, 2020

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  • Baby, you got some pile of issues. Go see a doctor before you do anything else.

  • 63 yr old married male. I dress up in lingerie and meet men while im traveling for work.

  • I have done that too, iI was at an AB with booths and a theater, I wore girl jeans, blouse, bra, matching panties and stockings with some make-up. I felt so fem. I ended up having 5 different men 3 I gave oral to, and two screwed me. Cant wait till this bug is over to go back.

  • I didn't start wearing girls girl's panties until I was fvckd by another older boy who came in my butt. He said that I was pretty and way prettier than than girls. The first time I put my sister's panties on and snuck out to meet him was so cool of an experience.

  • Your lucky to have an older boy bend you over and fu ck your tight as s with your sisters panties on. We're they dirty and stinky?

  • No, they were clean but kinda messy like afterwards.

  • Hmmmm nice and dirty with a massive c um load.

  • Uh-huh, I never would of thought that after getting f ckd with another boy's c um in my b utt that it would leak out and make a mess in my panties. The weird thing is that I liked it I really did!

  • I love finding a lovers c um in my panties when I get home from his house. so sexy, do you lick it clean too?

  • I never did that I just like how it feels.

  • I just started dressing up like all the time this year when I started high school and it's kinda weird how I get treated. Some of the guys think that just because I'm a boy who dresses as a girl I have to let them have s** with me, do I???

  • Take all you can

  • I guess so...it is lots of fun most of the time.

  • You are lucky you have so much youngcock begging to fu ck you. I would su ck and fu ck as much of there Hardcock as I could get in my a ss and mouth. Go for it and enjoy.

  • I am lucky cause all the boy's say that I'm pretty and most of um want to be with me.

  • Take advantage while you are young and pretty. I would beg to have your young Hardcock pounding my eager mouth and swallow your hot creamy load.

  • I would like to have my c*** in your mouth and have yours in mine too.

  • Hmmmm sitting here with my silk nightie and bra on stroking about your young Hardcock pounding my mouth. Would so like my Hardcock in your young pretty mouth I will fill your mouth with my eager load

  • I have my ruffled panties on and I'm excited about you coming in my mouth...

  • I want to pull your ruffled panties down and deep throat your Hardcock. Please give me your hot creamy load to fill my cockhungry mouth.

  • I would like that for sure!

  • I would love to suck some youngcock

  • So cool !

  • How young have you sucked?

  • When I was in middle school I was sucking lots and other boys thought I was like the best!

  • Nice, did theycum

  • All the time!

  • How young did you start sucking?

  • 5 with the older neighbor boy who was watching me. He didn't come in my mouth though.

  • Wish I was your neighbor5 is hot

  • I was 10 I sucked a boy down the street. later in JR High he and I sucked and I bottomed for him for almost 2 years

  • Mmmmmmmmm

  • Uh-huh , definitely like it!

  • Always wear bra and panties. Nightie to bed every night with padded bra. Walk around house wearing dresses and high heels. All I need now is a massive hard co ck been rammed down my throat and his huge warm load filling my mouth. Never done it but get so hard fantasizing about it.

  • I’m 63 and would love to have you dress up in lingerie and heels. I would love to f*** your ass. I’m straight but curious.

  • I would love that, bareback please so I can feel you c** in me.

  • Oh yes I would love to c** in your ass. I love a man in woman clothes that’s suck a turn on. Can I dress you up the way I like with heels black stockings lace panties and bra and short tight dress. I would love to f*** u dressed up. If interested leave a comment

  • I love dressing up in women's lingerie, sucking c*** and being a bottom.

  • You can dress me up in what you like so long as get your big Hardcock banging my eager mouth and your steaming hot creamy cu m filling my mouth. I will swallow your massive load eagerly

  • The first time with a man I was a cute shy boy and was all dressed up in my sister's school uniform and even her panties. He was dressed up too, but way sexier. Being f***** by such a pretty guy/girl was remarkably cool!

  • That sounds really hot

  • It was so hot for me!

  • The first time I dressed up I was 8. I went to live with my Aunt, as my mother was in jail for DWI. My cousin John was 20 and we shared a room and a bed. That night he put me in his younger sisters pink silk panties, a training bra, and her white skippy sneakers. He applied lipstick to my lips. When I looked in the mirror I melted, I looks like a girl. For the first time in my short life I felt normal and how I should be.

    He started kissing my neck and then I got on his lap and we kissed for 20 minutes. I c*** fell his c*** against my ass. We ended up with him rubbing his c*** against my ass crack and him c****** on my back. I was in heaven.

    The next night the same thing, but with new clothes he bought me. That Friday night, he I gave him my a*** virginity. I hurt at first, but he was slow and used a lot of lube. Then after 5 minutes it felt wonderful. He came in me. After that we made love several times a day. At 10, I became a full time girl. I refused to wear boys clothes.

    12 years have passed and I'm his fulltime sissy. I love him using me I c** from being ass f*****. Pleasing him is my only goal in life. His friends all want me, and they all have beautiful girlfriends and wives.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm8 I wish it was me cummingin you

  • I was 9 when I was f***** by a 15 year old boy. The penetration was of little discomfort and the experience of his p**** throbbing inside of me was so profound that afterwards as I rode on his handlebars home I asked him if he wanted to be with me again.

  • If you had asked me that I would have said " yes come live with me so I can f uck your 9 yr old boipussy every night"

  • It was almost like that without me living with um. He would wait for me after school and then we'd go to his house. He'd like was doing me every day for a while and he even taught me how to suck too, that was so cool because I can like do that almost anywhere!

  • I love cross dresser and would love to control your ass and f*** it.

  • I'm in high school and me and another boy dress up and fool around. I've been with another boy and a man but my bestfriend doesn't know. I went all the way with the other boy and the man. It was a special thing but I don't want to hurt my bestfriend because he's wanted to do it with me like forever? If I do it with my bestfriend can he tell that I've already been with someone else?

  • I feel you. My first dressing / boy friend was in JR /high school. He lived beside me and we were friends Ended up being lovers for 3 years and he loved me dressing. as for you friend if he askes just say you used your moms d**** on yourself. I would make it happen.

  • Thanks a lot I'll try that. I was told by the man who did it to me that another boy, my boyfriend wouldn't be able to tell because he said I'm still really tight like, I hope so!

  • Tell me about your first experience and what you like to wear. I wear panties stockings every day under my boy clothes. I add a bra when I wear dark thick shirts. I have shaved legs and privet area. I will dress fully when wife is out. NOTE wife has no idea im bi or that I crossdress

  • I love boys in panties and I wear nothing but

  • The first time I was with a boy all I had on was white cotton boy's underpants and a t-shirt. He was wearing girl's pink lace panties. It was like too much for me being 11 and him 15, I melted when he touched me. Underpants down in the back, on my tummy with my smooth legs widely spread I was excitedly changed in the most passionate way. The next time I met him I was in my little sister's ruffle butt panties and matching camisole top and melted when he kissed me.

  • How do you feel when you see a boy in panties

  • I get a massive h******

  • I want to pull them down slightly and lick your ass then f*** u.

  • I love lil young boys wearing panties

  • How little? Because my mom would have me wear my sister's hand me downs and I really really like them.

  • YOUNG!

  • I want to touch him and kiss him too. Me and my friend wear panties together and it's so cool!!!

  • I have two friends one is 40 the other 20. They don't know each other,

  • You should make sure they meet

  • How come?

  • It's always annoying when those urges arrive when you can do nothing about them. Don't do anything that could jeopardize your job and try to channel your thoughts to fulfilling your urges later. Waiting in agony might make the s** more erotic and satisfying.

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