Watching aunty and uncles homemade p*** with my sister

My sister was 13 and i was 11 when we discovered my dad and uncle were swapping their blue movies.

They'd always joke about it when they were visiting.

I realized it was p*** films because they looked shifty and would go to the car to trade them.

I overheard dad telling uncle that this one is so good.

I really wanted to see one of these film, but dad had them locked away in a cupboard

My aunt and uncle was on holiday and mum was going over daily to feed the cat

I offered to do this one night for her as she was going to be late home

She agreed and off i went, once in their house i headed straight to the bedroom to look for some video films

They dont have kids, and i hoped they didn't lock there films away

I was suprised how big the padlock was on the small cupboard in the bedroom.

I looked at the keys they'd left, it was a big bunch with 2 padlock security keys

I tried the first and the lock popped open
Yippee! I was really excited about seeing my first p****..

I hurriedley grabbed a vid and stuck it in the vcr in their bedroom

I sat on their bed and waited for the film to start

I could not believe my eyes as i saw my aunty laying on this bed in black stockings and a bra she opened her legs and i saw everything as the camera zoomed in

I was blown away by this and watched another, my aunt and uncle were f****** in all positions.

I saw a vid with m*** written on the sticker, i put it on and watched in horror as my dad and mum f***** infront of the camera.

I knew they had a camcorder but never thought mum and dad was like that.

I later found out mum and Auntie liz had no idea the brothers were swapping vids of them.

My uncle hed 2 vcr's and could cooy tapes
So the next day i copied some for myself to keep.

My sister didn't believe me when i said aunty and uncle make their own films, saying i was in dream land

I bet her i could prove it , if im right you have to show me your b**** ,
She just laughed, all bullshit
If thats the truth I'll strip off and walk the streets naked

I said mum and dad had made some too

Agian she just laughed

Ok whoever is right gets whatever they want from the other for a day.

Yeah, you just want to see me naked and that wont happen cause your lying

you haven't got anything i want either
How about i do all your chores for a month

If you show me a vid of liz and john having s** and one of mum and dad too
I'll do whatever you want for a day, anyway how you gonna show me when they're locked away and they're home now. Ha!

I went to my room, and called her in

I was playing a vid of aunty liz sucking uncle johns c***, the cam was close to liz's face showing everything.

Wow! Shouted my sister, his c*** is huge, she couldn't take her eyes of my tv

I said I'll show another bit, but she said no, let me see this, i want to see him c**.
We sat on my bed and watched in silence , i liked that my wanted to watch it.
My sister loved seeing him c** on aunties face "cor" she said in a satisfied low tone
I had a h****** by now, i tried to hide it, but when i got up to change the tape, she laughed saying I was hard seeing uncles c***.

No seeing aunty sucking it, she can suck mine anyday.

I want to show you this one i said, titled "secrets"
Aunty liz was naked on her back tied to the bed, joun had a buzzing thing he was using on her c***.

He would ask her stuff and wouldn't touch her c*** until she answered

She told abouy losing her virginity at 13 to a group of lads in a park, then about other stuff she did.

It was great hearing about her

I ask my sister if she wanted to see mum and, she still didn't believe me

I put on a mild one of them f******

She shouted ole my god

I laughed and said listen to mum
Dad was trying to get mum to talk dirty
Obviously it was for uncle John

He asked all the same questions as uncle
Mum didn't want to answer at first but as she got more turned on she opened up.

Dad asked about how she felt when her knickers kept going missing from the laundry when she house shared with 4 guys at uni
I felt embarrassed at first untik it sunk in that someone was getting off on the smell of my knickers
They were all rrally lovely guys, i loved to imagine which one was doing it and what he did with them

What do you think they were being used for asked dad?

Mum opened her legs wider and moaned "sniffing and tasting my private area" she looked well turned on by now.

What about when we went to spain with my brother and your knickers kept mysteriously going missing only to reappear later in the same place

Your not going to show him this tape!!
I'll kill you you he ever watches this!!

dad quickly reassured mum, saying no one would ever see this tape

But we knew he was lying.

My uncle can see my mum in all her glory whenever he wants to

But i didn't care as i could see and hear all about aunty liz whenever I wanted.

A few weeks later we found dads normal p*** films hidden in the garage

We watched together and I ask sis if i could have a w***
Yeah, go for it she said

I pulled down my shorts and wanked next to her on my bed

After a few minutes she said "can i have a go?"
Yes please i said

We ended up f****** that day

We f***** every weekend whenever alone, and did it for years after
Even when we both had partners.

We are in our thirties now both married she's got kids.

We never speak about it now

Jan 14, 2020

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