Dog and sister

I came home early and my sister didn't hear me as i walked past her room door was open a little and seen the neighbors dog she looks after licking her p**** it got me aroused i sneaked back out the same thing every few days she looks after it so i make sure im home without her knowing she calls the dog up and he's straight at her teen p**** ive never been that aroused before,i had a plan next time she's got the dog i was going to lock it in a room and walk in her room and try it on with her few days later she had him so waited for her to go to her room around 5 minutes later she called him but i locked him away and headed to her room i peaked in she was laying flat on her back naked legs up a bit and spreaded i sneaked right up to her put my head between her legs and ran my tounge up her s***** she f****** jumped asking me what i was doing told her as i took my clothes of she's getting f***** i keep her secret if i can f*** her grabbed her legs pulled her to the edge of the bed rubbing my c*** up and down her p**** and gently pushed it in it was so f****** tight looked like she was going to cry said it hurts i didn't want that so got her to w*** me off that was a year ago she's 15 now and im 18 not long past my test so i take her to school but f*** her each more in the car.



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  • I'm a young male Any girls who honestly playes with their dog and not lying. Any age. Add my Snapchat. Say dog wen u add me. Andyc2104

  • Thought the dog lovers would be on here

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