Sexy sister

My 17 year old sister walks around half naked when it's just us 2 at home im only 16 and can't always control myself she's got big b**** and was wearing a very tight bikini top her nipple was showing and i couldn't tell her when she noticed as we sat on sun beds when she said oh you could of told me my nipple was out or was you enjoying the view and slapped her hand between my legs but held it there ha ha you got a b**** told her to stop as someone might see well no one will see inside will they and got up walking to the house man that ass looked nice i followed minutes after thinking she was joking walked past her room when she said aren't you forgetting something come here don't you want to finish off what you started get that d*** out bet you want to j*** off i will let you do it on one condition you have to finish on my t*** but the words that came out of me was let me f*** that ass the fun was on haven't had s** with her she just lets me w***.



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  • I ❤️ my sister's body.

  • Brother and sister s** is hot! I've slept with two of my sisters.

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