B**** friend

I am a 31 year-old woman, married to "Antoine" with one little boy. For the last two years I've been having an affair with "John," a co-worker, which has been really hot and fulfilling. My friend "Lori" somehow found out that I was f****** John. She took me out to lunch and told me what she knew and how she found out.
I begged her not to tell Antoine, and she laughed. She said she was willing to not tell Antoine only if I would set her up to f*** him. I was furious, but I knew I had no choice.
So I told Antoine that Lori really wanted to do it with him, and I thought it was a great idea for both of them. He was shocked, and for a day or two refused. I kept at him, though, and finally he agreed, so I set them up to have our house to themselves on a Friday night.
Friday night came and he told me later he f***** her over and over. He really wanted to do it again and so did she, so we did the same thing the following Friday. When I came home from my sister's on Saturday, Antoine was angry and sulking. I knew what had happened; sure enough, my b**** of a "friend" had told him I was f****** John.
Antoine told me he felt cheated and used, and he moved out of the house, "just to clear my head." I am devastated, and I don't know how this will turn out. The last time I did it with John I cried for a long time, but I wouldn't tell him what the problem was.

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  • You stuck your head in a noose and can't get out. think hubby has nothing to complain about, he got his and you got yours. You can't have your cake and eat it to .

  • Make a 3-some arrangement to save your sexual relationship with them!!

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