I saw my friend's girl's f****

I stayed with my best mate and his girl Anna in an old cottage in Pitch Place , Guildford.
The internal walls were made of vertical wooden strips.
I noticed one day as I climbed the stairs in darkness that there was a gap in the wall and I could see right into their bedroom when the bedroom light was on.
had a shower each morning after Craig had left for work.
The next morning I waited for Anna to have her shower downstairs and return to her bedroom in just a towel, shut the door and turn in the light in her room.
I went to staircase and watched as she dropped the towel and dried herself.
I saw everything .
Her tiny t*** and her full tidy bushy brown c*** bush just trimmed enough to keep it hidden in her knickers.
Anna is about 19 years old , a brunette, about 5ft tall.
I watched her drying her f**** as I spied in her through the wall and wanked . Anna was only two feet from me with Just a piece of piece of timber between us.
I could see every detail of her curly bushy c*** hairs and had to be careful to be quiet as I wanked watching her.
After she dressed and left for work I took a pair of her dirty knickers and had another w*** as I sniffed her stained undies.

Jan 19, 2020

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