A*** s**

I love women with nice butts and I also love a*** s**. Any women love a***?

Jan 19, 2020

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  • I love to f*** a b**** in the ass but my c*** is big and my wife can handle it as much ass I want.

  • I liked what another lady said about men who love to get your s*** on their d***. One of my married men "friends" always texts me saying dirty things to me like "I just cannot wait to f*** you in your s***!" I have even s*** right on him before when he wants it. I love how freaky some of them are for ANYTHING that comes out of my body!!

  • I've only had two men who actually loved my s***. That's it, just TWO. I'm almost 23 years old and out of all the men i've ever hooked up with, only 2 loved my s***. Maybe I need to get out more.

  • Look no further let's talk 23 yo woman?

  • I love it but my favorite position is where I have a c*** in my left hand and one in my right hand and one in my mouth and one in my p**** and one in my ass. Five. All mine. All for me. All of them. Every single one.that is the best position to be in. Five Of those m************. FIVE!!!!! That's what I love best. Five.

  • None of any of this is true. All of it, however, is quite sad.

  • I'm also one of those women who love a***. Nothing in the entire world feels half as good as having your butt full of MAN!!!!!!!

  • God, YES!! there is just something so raw and pure and beautiful and powerful and intimate and sensual about teally, really hard ass-f*******. A man who knows how to treat my anusproperly can OWN me. A man like that actually managed to work his middle fingerall the way into my ass in a restaurant line waiting for a table . . . before I even knew his name, and with my husband standing not far away. It was among the dirtiest things I ever done. He knew his business.

  • Yes, dear god yes! I love getting it in the ass. I even have one guy who comes to f*** me often who loves to get my s*** on his d***. I think that is true true love!

  • The best thing about FDAU is that it allows even a modestly hung man to hit your cervix and make you c**. Yes, FDAU IS THE BEST.

  • I completely agree that FDAU is the best position. You can literally wear a woman out in that position. You can rag doll her until she actually can'tfuck anymore.

  • I totally agree that FDAU is best and that all girls love it especially if the man has a really big one and he's got it in her a****** and is really hammering away on her without mercy. That is what f****** is all about. Every girl knows that. We learn it at an early age.

  • Real women always take it in the back.

  • I won't date a man who doesn't f*** a girl in the butt. Gotta have it. GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!

  • I love a***. All my girlfriends took it in their ass. Let me know if interested.

  • I have recently love the erotic taste of it. Now in my mid- 50s, I know my p**** is getting loose and my hubby do not actually get what wants. So I prepare myself before hand with a nice enema, lube it well soon after. Meanwhile, he lubes his c*** well. The sheer feeling of his c***-k*** entering the entrance of my a***, the rest is total bliss. He pumps and pumps till he shoots jets of c**, I clasp his c*** as long as possible. The best position is doggy or spooning.

  • I'm a woman and I love a*** s**. At first I didn't like it at all, but it was because the first several guys I gave my ads really didn't know what they were doing. They only cared about getting themselves off, not about making ME feel good. Then I got picked up in a bar one night, and the guy knew his way around a woman's body. He realized the thing most men don't: if you focus your efforts on satisfying the woman, you will get more from her than if you treat her like a masturbatory toy whose only purpose is to please you. Quid pro quo, baby; quid pro quo.

  • Forgive me if my vocabulary isn't up to date but what is FDAU?

  • I didn't know either. Thanks for getting us a good explanation.

  • It's where the girl is Face Down with her Ass Up and her man is standing behind her hitting it (either in the p**** or in the ass) for all he's f****** worth. It's an inferior, dominated and subservient position, to be sure, but it gives the girl JUST what she needs, especially if he's holding her by the hips as he thrusts into her little body. All girls really love getting it FDAU, but younger girls especially. If she's taking it up the p****, then her cervix is getting the attention it needs, and if it's up the ass, then when her man gives her the nut, she can sometimes feel the spray all the way up in her intestines. For me, that's the best feeling in the world in your ass. And if her man is hung long, she can feel his thrusts all the way up to her stomach. Older gentlemen love girls when they go FDAU.

  • I had a man tell me as I was leaving church after mass one night that he had been sitting with his wife 4 rows behind me and he thought I had a "perfect ass for FDAU". I asked what FDAU was and when he explained it to me, it melted my heart because he had walked away from his wife to say that beautiful thing to me. so I told him, if he was really interested, I would go FDAU for him, and that I didn't give a s*** about his f****** marriage. I did that for him and it started our affair which lasted for a year. He made me feel like such a lady. If he had asked me to leave my husband and children I totally would have went.

  • I'm a FDAU girl, too. The only difference is that I'm in my late 40s and I only date guys under 30 (actually I prefer guys under 20, but they are so much harder to meet; I want to meet more of them). At my age, there's nothing as sweet (or as flattering) as getting FDAU-pounded by a guy half your age. Sometimes when it's happening I wish all my girlfriends who are my age could see what I'm doing. When I am FDAU, I really really REALLY "w**** it up". Yeah I completely love everything about FDAU. When you're FDAU, the d*** just goes F****** DEEEEEEEP!

  • I used to date a man who worked with my dad when I was in school. He loved me so much and he always said my body was perfect for FDAU, and not because of my age as t the time. He kept telling me that for the whole time we dated. Even at my age he said with FDAU, i was still way better than his wife.

  • Yes, I do. And I always give it up on the first date. Some men say I'm too aggressive with the ass but I know what I want and my body knows what it needs. I totally totally totally totally totally love the FDAU position. It's the position God made me for. When a man starts hitting me in FDAU, I ALWAYS SCREAM for more, and I always squirt like a w****. If you ever got me in FDAU, you'd never let me go. I swear to f****** God. You'd be f****** my sweet a****** forever.

  • Id love to do that to u xx

  • Yes. If you ever got up my ads, you would never ever want to leave. If you're married, you would never ever want to go home to your wife. In fact, I have actually ruined marriages just by the way I work a man's d*** while he's up my ass. You would fall in love.

  • You are a dream c** true. Damn, I wish I belonged to you! G******!!!

  • If you belonged to me I'd ruin you for all other women. No one else would ever again be good enough for you. But. i. can promise you would be happy and satisfied.

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