S** in the open

D****** in the UK is more or less common in certain areas. It is sexual kinks, quickies etc with known persons or strangers in isolated areas in the evening to late at night. I was traveling with my bf from London to Durham and was really looking forward to have s** with him, and so I was without bra or panties on! The very thought of s** with him made me wet. It became past evening before we could reach our destination. We decided to make a short stop over beside the motorway sheltered by a line of hedge and some trees so that he can have a smoke to relax and I to pee behind the hedge.
We returned to our car within 10 or 15 mnts and settled down. There were only a few empty cars around. My boyfriend had lifted my top up and was fondling my b**** as I never wear underwear when I am with him. He started to suck my nipples when I noticed a car had pulled up nearer us and a man was watching us. I took no notice as this turned me on even more. I took out my boyfriends throbbing c*** and took it in my mouth and started to suck it. He had seen this man watching us by now and he told me to lift up my skirt and mount his throbbing c***.
By this time my p**** was soaking wet. I sat astride him facing the window, he took off my top and started to f*** me, my t*** were bouncing up and down. It really turned me on knowing someone was watching us. But that man, in the mean time, left his car and approached to the window of our car looking closer to my b****. He soon started to fondle my bounding b****... I saw him pulling out his erect c*** out of his pant, I reached for his tool to stroke. I wanked him vigorously and soon his c*** erupted loads of hot c**!! No words were exchanged between or among us as the man watching us leaving. When we reached my bf's place the s** was unbelievable . We shall go back there next time I go back to London

Jan 20, 2020

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  • Wow!!!!

  • In fact, a stranger's hands on my b**** fondling and stroking thighs (and p****) is a great thrilling and erotic feeling - difficult to express in words!!

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