F***** my husband's brother

Last night I told my husband I secretly wanted to f*** his brother since we were talking about threesomes and who we want to do it with
And I know his brother likes me too and apparently he's been j********** to my photos and doesn't come around when I'm around because he just stares at my t*** and always staring at my face
Well last night I was f****** myself with a d**** on the phone with my husband and he told me to call his brother over and have him f****** on video for him So his brother came over and this s** was amazing as f*** by the way he kissed me was even better he kept staring at me the whole time we were f****** looking me in my eyes kissing me romantically holding me but f****** me so hard and so good
He d*** bigger than my husband's And he lasts a lot longer My husband told me to do it so I did it But then after it happened my husband started treating me like s*** nothing he gets to go f*** some random b**** .... But he says he just wants me to be satisfied but then he gets all p***** off at me and doesn't even want his brother around me anymore because he doesn't want his brother catching feelings for me but the way his brother was f****** me already seen like he had feelings and he told me that he's been j********** to my photos and my husband said that's cute my little brother has a crush on my baby I don't know I just needed to get this off my chest and I really want to f*** his brother again

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  • If he has a big c*** you should keep on riding it

  • Me and my twin brother have had a threesome with my wife. If you want to chat and exchange stories or fantasies let me know.

  • Whatever you do, leave the current brother that is your husband. Then find peace in yourself before going with anyone again. You are trapped in something and brother in law was just convenient.

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