Best B****** Ever

My wife, whom I have loved passionately for almost 20 years, has the smallest. almost nonexistent b****** ever (Good thing I am a fanatic for legs and butts?). However, she has the most sensitive nipples I could possibly imagine. When we were falling in love and making out I would tell her not to worry about her bust. When I touched or massaged her nipples however I noticed an instant excitement followed by a wild, sexual abandon that was almost Olympic gold medal s**. I learned to suck her nipples or flick them with my tongue and she would go wild and almost wear me out with all the vigorous s** in every possible position. The oral was unbelievable too. She has swallowed gallons over the years!
She breast fed our child and sometimes had to hand the baby to me so she could get off quickly with a vibrator. I always had a bottle of stored breast milk or formula ready to take over.
We are happy to this day and very devoted to each other (and our child of course). We are so happy and she says she feels like a goddess with me. Women can be very self-conscious about bust size but I wouldn't change a thing about my darling wife. She thrills me in nylons, sexy lingerie and nightgowns, no b**** required! But mostly creates loving, sexy, erotic situations that make me so infatuated and in love with her. I'm so happy, and here's a plus; her b**** will never sag like other guys' wives! ha-ha!

Jan 20, 2020

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  • In my opinion b**** are nice but not really the focus. The sexual fun is in that p**** and also in that lovely mouth. If the nipples are what turns on the machine, just flip those switches and hang on! What a fortunate man you are.

  • Smaller b**** do not sag too early. You are a lucky man, believe me. I am with a smaller pair of b**** but large nips. At my age of mid-50s, with my two children and a hungry 'nip man' as hubby my b**** are still firm. But if your wife wants she can enlarge her b**** through massage using olive oil. She can do it herself or you may do her this favor - twice a day. In 3 to 4 months she will have desired result.

  • My gf for 3 years had small b**** too and large nips. We broke up and then after a year, we patched things up. She had a bf when we were off for a year. She is my gf again but I noticed her b**** is much bigger than before but definitely not that big to assume she had them fixed by surgery. I kept asking her what did she do to it. She is just saying her ex loved to suck them. 3 years prior I suck them a lot too but it did not get bigger. Any ideas what makes them a bit bigger?

  • I have smaller b**** with fairly large nips (when aroused they are 3/4th inch long) and I have fitted nip rings in them. They make my nips too sensitive to flicks of tongue by my lesbian partner, often leading to series of butterfly-o******.

  • Are they rings visible when on a shirt?

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