My wife and I have a strange s** life

I'm a married man of 7 years, and to this day, nobody outside of our relationship could even guess what weird stuff were both in to. Since very early in our relationship, we've both been using our bathroom time as foreplay. Confused by what that means exactly. Basically when one of has to take a dump, the other watches and gets aroused. I like watching her p***, and she likes watching me p***. Weird that two people with this fairly unusual fetish would end up together but here we are. Our s** schedule basically works around our bowel movement schedule. It didn't take long for us to discover each others fetishes and when we did, it opened up a wonderful world of sexual exploration neither of us thought we'd fully get to experience. And just to clarify incase anyone is wondering. Both of our fetishes are just for watching the other person using the toilet, not seeing it come out or anything(not to judge anyone who does like that). We just like watching eachother on the pot doing our thing naturally. And yes, we both like the smell of each others dookies

Jan 20, 2020

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