So, I run a bar, and I hired this older woman, whom I had previously met. From working with her she noticed that I had women's underwear on, well maybe I had it so she saw, however, nothing was said.
A few days went by and still nothing but kept noticing her looking at me bellow the waist, obviously wondering what I had on.

Then out the blue she sent me a message saying she had left something when she was closing up, knowing was opening in the morning.
She asked me to check the toilets, and there sitting on the toilet was a pair of her dirty wet knickers.
With a note saying "enjoy"
She presumed by wearing I must be a panty sniffer and she was right, what she didn't know is I like to wear my wifes or others dirty knickers when work g, having their scent and juices rubbing against me while working.
I did enjoy them very much, and asked if she had any directions.
She responded and asked me to wear them, so to see me in them later, being our little secret from the customers.
When she came in she asked to look, so I gave her a quick flash, then started sending me random directions as we worked. I was ahrd all day and night in them, and they were sticky with precum, as she had asked if I had sucked and smelled her from them, which I obviously had. She asked if I could taste her a*** from them, and if I could tell if she was shaved or not.
Near the end of the shift she asked if I would like to go releave myself in the cellar, but insisted I finished inside them, I jumped at the chance and went for a play, she didn't ask to watch or anything but once done she sent me a message, telling me to take them off. I did as she asked, and left them, she disappeared for a few mins, and when she returned I noticed she was wearing them with all my juices inside the gusset.
This carried on for months that she would give me her knickers to use, still warm off her body, but sadly she had to leave soon after.

Jan 22, 2020

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  • Nah, wasn't like that at all, I just had want for her dirty warm panties. As I liked to wear them also. However I'm sure she would've obliged.

  • Should have got her to w*** you off in them, I use my step daughters

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