Post-Op MTF raped by brothers.

I'm a 23 year old Post-OP MTF woman. I was a virgin as a woman. It been 6 months since I could start having s** but I was saving myself for the right guy.
Now I'm ruined for s** for the rest of my life.

Two weeks ago on a Friday my 3 brother who are Homophobic, came to my apartment drunk. They forced their way in, and proceed to rape me multiple times for 3 days. The bastards took my virginity and f***** me until I was bleeding. The rapes were bad enough, but I was forced to commit incest, it's disgusting. I feel so dirty.

I've been crying to days. The doctor who female told me I'll be able to have s** in a few weeks. But now I don't want a man to touch me.

I can't even go to the police, when I was transitioning I accused two guys who rejected me sexually of trying to rape me. I didn't know they had their phones recording video, I ended up in jail. But they didn't press charges. Now I was raped by my brothers and no one will believe me if I reported them.

I want to die. I guess I'm really a woman now, incest by a family members and raped.


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  • You crossdressers are so confused and disgusting to me

  • Next time dont cry wolf. You make the rest of us look bad. Karma, b****.

  • >"I accused two guys who rejected me sexually of trying to rape me. "

    Thus proving that you are more about drama than anything. What a surprise, a trans behaving like a teenage girl. At least you don't have to worry about pregnancy, MISTER.

  • Well, you have had some negative experiences and admit the trouble you caused to others as well. With that honesty as a guide you can still create the life you are seeking. It involves forgiving yourself as well as others. Time is a pretty good healer. You know what you don't like. You know the snares and traps that circumstance can throw in your path. Create your plan, decide what you really want your life to be and work at it. Don't allow yourself to get into stupid or naive situations. Be a champion who is confidently in charge of your own life. Create the conditions of your own success because no one else will. Basketball players know how to rebound, it helps you win the game!

  • You deserved it.

  • I agree you had it coming.

  • Even if you had not transitioned to female, your brothers would have in time raped you. They are worst that the devil.

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