African American Incest

Incest between African American brothers and sisters happens alot. Many women like me turn to our brothers because many of our men end up in prison. They turn to their sister as many of our women are into drugs.

My brothers are the best men I know, intelligent, strong, loyal and loving. Since we were early teens, we turned towards each other to find safety and love.

Both have given me children which they love as their own. The three of us were discovered by our mother, but in time accepted our incestuous love triangle as preferable to the men and women outside our family.

When she was 55, our mother gave into her son's and one shares her bed when the other is with me. Both mom and I agree the s** is the best we ever had because our men love us completely.

Jan 28, 2020

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  • I'm black and 75, I've been with my 3 daughters for 30 years. They were all were of age when they came to me for love. I have 10 children with them.

    Everyone is happy healthy and successful. Incestuous love is common in the African American community, but is in the shadows. Like gay download s** among black men.

    My late wife and I were half siblings we had the same mother. We have always been in love.

  • I know that black men will have s** with either men or woman and they do not think that is gay in any way. black men have no morals at all. they are a waste of a race. it is sad to say this but true. i cant understand why white women { disposable white women} are attracted to n******. could it be because they supposedly have bigger c****?

  • It is not true that black men will have s** with anyone. On the contrary, a lot of black people are really homophobic. I am heterosexual (straight). I only sleep with women and have never and never will sleep with a man because that is gay. It is not "sad to say this is true" It's sad that you believe dumb stuff like that. The only real difference between blacks and whites is that or skin is darker. Black people are people, and people exist on a spectrum, so we are not something you can easily generalize. Some black people are as smart as Nikola tesla and Albert Einstein and some blacks are close-minded and stupid just like people who have no problem using racial slurs.

    White women are people, black men are people. people are just attracted to each other. race doesn't matter. yes we do, on average, have bigger penises but that doesn't matter. women want to be with someone they can be safe with, rely on, and someone they can confide in. they cant confide in someone that call women disposable or racial slurs. a person like that is the definition of someone without morals.

  • 100% truth. Awesome post. Ignorance has no color. Intelligence has no color. Greatness has no color. Foolishness has no color. We're all people with all the good and bad qualities to varying degrees, seeking happiness in an up and down, dog-eat-dog, "what have you done for me lately" world. Incest is a major turn on for many. For some it's not. That's just the way it is and will always be. For those that share a loving sexual relationship with family members, nothing could be more pleasurable than that, because it combines deep love with deep l*** = omygod unbelievable awesome feelings that only those who live it know how unbelievable awesome it is. But it must be based in love, not l*** for it to be special. It should never be molestation or nonconsensual. Never

  • Consensual s** within the family, and in particular, between and among siblings are the best. That between mom and son is superb in the privacy of home. At my age of 66, I am sexually content and still vibrant with my two step daughters and one own son in their late 30s and their mom in mid-60s. Love it ....

  • I'm a black man age 63. As a young man in the 1970's most of the woman I new were on welfare and on some drug. I was a really good student and my mother realized that the available women my age would hold me back or use me.

    I was 15 and mom was only 31, I never knew my father, but found out later he was my mom brother, who was killed in Vietnam. Mom came to me one night only in her robe, and said, These girls are not good enough for you, Mama is going to take care of you from now on.

    I lost my virginity that night, 47 years later we are still together and make love everyday.

    We have a son and two daughters all graduated from Ivy League School and are successful. They also have turned to each other for true love and happiness. And we have many grandchildren from them

    Incest works for us. We are all so happy and loved.

  • Incest happens in all cultures and it is part of human nature. I have had s** with two of my sisters and I see nothing wrong with this.

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