Wife and dog

My wife likes to get knotted with dogs.

I've caught my wife a few times. The first time I was in shock she was 26 and fresh out of the military. I came home from the gym one day and I noticed our door was shut. As i got closer i could hear her moaning and talking dirty. I was p***** so I opened the door and see her (130 lbs) being dominated by our 80 lb lab. She panicked and our lab tried to pull away from her, at the time I didn't realize what the knot was. But he pulled away hard and my wife let out this scream and I looked over and saw his c***, I wasn't even mad. I just wanted to know why. She sat there and cried and said she started a few years ago when I was gone for trainings and deployed. As she was telling me I watched her p**** leak tons of c**, meanwhile our lab was c****** everywhere. I told her I wasn't mad and that it kinda turned me on and I'd like to watch her do it. She let me watch and i thought it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. She is a latina 5'3 34 Cs and a nice ass, very beautiful woman. And our lab is 80 lbs and kinda hung. Since shes started letting me help and participate shes been with well over 10 dogs. Mostly friends when we dog sit, and the occasional stray when we go on vacation. Shes been with labs, a few German Shepard's, pitbulls, and rottweiler.



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  • I have never done anything with any animals but reading all this makes me wet!

  • Mmmm...I’d love to watch your first time with a dog.

  • I am male and i have done that too many times, i tasted dog c**

  • Dude your wife is a nasty animal w****. You probably eat her p**** right after the dogs fill her with animal c**. You are a cuckold to dogs hahaha. You scummy pieces of filth.

  • The f***

  • What the f***

  • The first time for me was accidental. I had just gotten out of the shower and got into the cabinet to get a new bottle of body moisturizer all the way in the back on my hands and knees. Our3 year old mastiff mounted me in one quick movement pinning me into the cabinet. I was mortified and my husband was at work so no help was available. I was crying and trying to squirm out but I couldn’t budge. Then after a few minutes I started c****** and enjoying the situation. It went on for about 30 minutes and I could feel him c****** non stop in me. It was some of the best s** I have ever had. When he finally pulled out of me c** came gushing out. I have never seen so much. I was 24 and only married a couple years when this first occurred. I told my husband what happened when he got home and it really turned him on. I’m now 35 and my husband helps me do it all the time and we both love it.


  • Nice fantasy. You rub one out every day to that don't you?

  • If you believe that load of horses it,m

  • Hey man I'm just sayin' you should remain anonymous because this is a widely unpopular thing, but if it makes you happy then just be safe when you do it y'know?

  • Are they any lesbians besides me who do this?

  • Mom man I would love to watch her. I take an ex got into doing it with her pit bull. She was a reserved fb so it was a big turn on when she said yes

  • Would do it again, if the opportunity presented itself.

  • I've let a couple of dogs lick me.

  • Fun, enjoy yourself and keep happy.

  • Have you had s** with a dog?

  • Very sexy. Ive seen pictures and videos but never in person. I have had a few GFs that talked about doing it but it never happened, at least not with me around.

  • Which breed does she like the best. q.

  • My favorite is an Old English Sheepdog.

  • You are one lucky guy

  • I totally agree, I'd love to help and watch my wife get knotted!

  • My wife admitted to me that when she was a teenager she would let her Labrador lick her to o***** many times but she never let him mount her after she saw his knot when she was playing with his c***.

  • That’s all I’ve done. I’m a lesbian, so I might try it.

  • IF you ever want to try getting stuck with a male human I have done it several times do to birth defect

  • Lucky b*****

  • I’ve never been mounted but when I was dog sitting one time I let one of the dogs lick my p****. It felt so amazing. Best p**** licking I’ve had. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to do it since but i definitely would do it again

  • I’ve been c****** in dogs mouths for years it quite a turn on and every dog goes after the p**** differently I had one that liked to nibble that was amazing till she bit me and drew blood never the less I exploded suck a great organum

  • So hot

  • You're a sick f***

  • Why??

  • 🤢🤮

  • Amazing

  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • You've been putting your contact info all over this board for years, if you can't get any action even through this way maybe try killing yourself instead. I thought I had worked with some real losers in my life but you are next-level desperate, fool!

  • True. Absolutely true. He is everywhere.

  • It's very telling what kinds of alleged 'confessions' get put up these days. Maybe it should be called "Retard Post"

  • Awesome! Enjoy!!! Both of you.

  • Wow sounds good I have been totally weirded out by my obsession with my husbands dogs c*** he will lay on the floor sometimes and let it come out of the folds of skin around it and it is big like twice the size of my husbands and I am so glad I know know that other women do let there dogs have them I think I will see if he will mount me

  • Sweet My wife is 75 and still Loves the h*** out of it with the dog and me .

  • Where are you like to see

  • Do you let your boys watch

  • Good girl


  • I get just thinking about watching it

  • Couples should consider having a dog as part of
    their sexual activities. Gives the woman a variety of sexual possibilities with multiple partners without cheating . The ultimate submission for her, giving herself to the enjoyment of dogsex with her partners approval . Raw passionate s** , being knotted , submitting herself to his sexual dominance over her and willingly taking his hot seed for his pleasure .

  • With you all the way .Dogs don't lie to you don't tell on you and want you no matter how much you weight

  • Totaley agree

  • Do it

  • Don't do it

  • It's fantastic. And so addicting. Outside of enjoying my own boys (whose ages I cannot go into here), K9 c*** is one of the greatest things in the world. Huge, massive, powerful, with tons of yummy c**. I've been into K9 since I was a little girl, and I'll never stop. I hope you try it soon and realize how much sooner you should have started lol. Enjoy!

  • I’m a young lesbian. And an age I won’t divulge here. I’ve never been with a boy. I let dogs lick me and it’s awesome. Do you think I’d like it better than a boy?

  • Most boys c**** are so crazy h**** that they cant help themselves, they need to stick it in and pump fast and hard till thy c** which usually doesn't last long. older guys especially really older guys are not like that, they will want to like you to o***** and more before them put it in and then go for a very long time.

  • I would like to see some pitchures

  • I am a bi sexual male and love a*** s** soooooo much but having a*** s** with multiple male humans poses a very large health threat in respect of HIV n AIDS transmission.
    I am very open minded and fine by being f***** by a dog. Can I get recommendations as to what breed of dog I would need to satisfy my lustful craving for being f*****. Looking forwards to any advice and I feel that I may have found a much better solution and cure for such an important health issue.

  • I'm into it also. I was only 13 when my beagle was able to mount me. I was naked from the shower and dropped my hair brush under the bed. I was on all fours when he jumped on me. By chance he slid right into my p**** and started humping. It hurt as I was a virgin and he broke my hymen.

    I was in shock, but it fell so good so fast I didn't stop him. I really came for the first time, I was new to masturbating at the time so I was only learning how to to that.

    To this day I'm glad my dog took my virginity. He came in me. Now I'm 30, I have been with 6 guys, but prefer dogs they are so much better than a man will ever be. I also love giving my furry lovers head, the volume of c** to swallow is incredible. I can't get enough!

  • I might try that. I’m a virgin to guys too.

  • That hot

  • What does it taste like?

  • I would like to watch

  • Would sure like to know you and watch you being mounted and knotted

  • Can i get your e-mail adress please?

  • Does a dog e******** a lot more sperm than a man,I've seen my uncle e******** and her shot loads,love to see a dog c******.

  • Amen!

  • Nice!!

  • Dog-s** is by far the best a woman could have in her life of eroticism. I am into it for more than 10 yrs. and still enjoy it. A dog is faithful, obedient and able to give sure-o****** when f******. Help her having s** with you dog, and preferable, you may f*** her soon after the dog is done - the c*** will remain slippery and good for deep f****** as if plowing her still swollen and pulsating p****.

  • OMG, reading what you wrote and the way you wrote it, gave me the biggest h******. After the dog is done f*****g her how she will remain slippery and ready for deep plowing of her swollen and pulsating p***y. So hot

  • Tammy,24 F , Ca, I totally agree. K9 s** is the most erotic and wonderful s** a woman can ever experience. If a dog could get us pregnant we'd have no use for men. YES!!! it's that good.

  • Maybe not for s** but for everything else, like well, everything.

  • Can you FaceTime me

  • Id love to have a three some with me you and my dog iwe live in calif also ,i will let my dog go first he has laege hanging b**** i bet he has lots of cume

  • Would like to see brianfoss67@gmail.com

  • I agree with you more girls should do it

  • No, a dog can’t get you pregnant - but women ,
    don’t l let that stop you from trying

  • My wife tried a few times and it is an experience to see, Very exotic!

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