Funeral f***

Ok so I was at my Uncle Rays funeral. I knew him all my life but there was lots of people there I never even seen before or even met them. One was one of his business partners in his computer business. We got introduced and stood around just talking. He was good looking even though he was over like 45. He started flirting pretty hard and then he started coming on to me really har and I let him and even talked dirty to him myself. Eventually we walked out of where all the people were all visiting and we went into another empty parlor room down that hallway and he closed the door behind us and he kissed me like deep. I needed more than kissing at that point and I told him so and then I squeezed him through his pants and rubbed him up and down. He stopped me and I ckedthought he was mad. But he just went to the door and locked it and said he didn't want my mom or Aunt Lola walking in on us. He sat down on one of the couches and pulled me over on him. He pulled up my dress and took out his c*** and slid into me. After ducked me in the front for awhile, he slid out and went in the back all the way. He knew right then from my wild f****** that I was falling in love so he told me not to worry about his wife, that we could get together whenever I could away from home and we could pick anytime I wanted it. We dlfucked like that for a long time before going back to the visit room. Thank God my parents and Aunt Lola didn't never find us out. Me and uncle Ray's business partner is still dating to this day.

Jan 29, 2020

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  • Similar thing happened to me at my older sister's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and got paired with a cousin of the groom because we was about the same age. I didn't like him, but his father was hot and so I went for him instead, starting at the rehearsal dinner. By the reception that next night, I was dripping for the man. He took me off into another room during the party and he dicked me so hard and good that I wanted his babies. When I told him how I felt, he gave me load after load, and I was sure he knocked my little ass up, even with my bc. Turned out that's just what he did.

  • I managed to bag the mother of the bride at a wedding 2 summers ago. That little s*** was the filthiest POA I ever had and we shagged in an empty room and then in the parking lot with her bent over the hood of a car and then she gave up the a****** behind the reception hall out in the open. And then we started an affair that led to us leaving our spouses and getting married. True f****** romance. It CAN happen!

  • I wish that guy had of been me. I met a young redhead at a wedding, but even though we made out for a lot of the reception, we never dated. Her name was Linzi and I wanted her sooooooo hard. So help me God I would of left my wife to be with her. Linzi was the best thing I ever seen in my life.turned out that the groom at that wedding started up an affair with her even though she was the little niece of the bride. She was incredible.

  • God you sound like a super hot piece!! Are you still involved with him? Or have you moved on? Do you always go for married men?

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