My daughter sleep s**

My wife left year ago so I Ben sleep alone . One night my daughter came in to my room sleep walking and naked she got on top of me . I Lind my d*** up and she sleep f***** me. She has don this 3 time. Last night she woke up on my d*** . She was freck out . I expected what was happening . Next thing I knew she was riding my d*** . She went to sleep next to me . We did it dogey still in the morning



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  • Fake

  • Sleep walking? Yeah right!

  • Must have been good p****

  • Completely fake but I wish I had a big man to play my daddy I could ride, apply here. I can do this. suite as.

  • Sickfucking pedos die die

  • How do I get in touch and how old are you

  • Applying let's play!

  • How many dad's have had this fantasy??

  • Is it just me or does this site have a lot of people who engage in s** with close relatives? Genetically this is very bad; ever see the Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance? Don't be that kind of hillbilly! Broaden your circle of contacts and try something new, like someone who is not your daughter, sister, mother, or niece. Stop this inbreeding now. Hire a h***** if you have to, or at least think about the topic of restraint and wait for better options!

  • This site does have alot post regarding incest. Some of it just fantasy but some is for real. I have had s** with two of my sisters and I always used birth control, so there wasn't any pregnancy concerns. I love my sisters very much and it's just love and affection between siblings.

  • Dont trust movies for your information 90% of the time incest just causes a normal child to be born

  • No trust science inbreeding causes birth defects

  • I agree but I didn't want children with my sisters, just s**.

  • It's one or two bored losers (and an admin or two) spewing out fantasy after fantasy. Adds a lot of class to this site, doesn't it?

  • If this is what you call class i would hate to see no class

  • There's nothing wrong with incest fantasies! Totally hot,!!

  • Love to come in her

  • Poor English but has the idea of f****** well!!

  • Learn English

  • Written by 12 year old who has poor spelling and grammar skills.


  • Illiterate dreamer. Complete crap.

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